1895 Potluck Tonight

Our local DFA enthusiasts are getting together for our monthly potluck. The theme is Flagstaff of 1895.  Ian and Sabrina even scanned a cookbook from the Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church published that year so we can try out some nifty recipes. 

I've been assigned the drinks.  The book has recipes for cocoa, chocolate cream, and hot chocolate. Ummm…I'm not feeling those drinks as quite potluck oriented.  Know what I mean? How the heck do I make hot chocolate for 10 people, drive it to our hosts' house, and then find a way to serve it still piping hot?   I don't have a thermos that large and I'm not about to buy one.  Plus, I think we have a lactose intolerant person who'll be there.

So, what's a lazy potlucker supposed to do? Well, with a little bit of googling I discovered that Hires root beer and good old Coca Cola were being sold back in 1895.  This is so much easier to prepare and serve.  Of course, that opens up the whole question about diet sodas.  I think I'll be forced to buy something not period appropriate.

If it was summer I'd make a big ol' batch of lemonade.  It's my favorite. 


Exploding Heads

 Berube (minus the accents) makes me laugh again:

Oh, and one more thing before I grab my cab.  If you want to make wingnuts’ heads explode this week, just propose an illegal immigrant amnesty program in which immigrants become naturalized citizens if they agree to take jobs away from liberal professors.

Watching Presentations

I wrote my last post at work. Normally I stay away from doing anything with my blog while at work, thus all the late night posts. What’s different with today? I’m sitting through a variety of presentations. The educational showcase has had moments of interest, but some topics just don’t apply to me.


I actually had pre-planned today – I brought my laptop. The location has a wireless network, which is quite lovely. I’ve managed to work on a project, respond to emails, make notes on the presentations (one excellent one on blogs and podcasts), and play hooky by surfing the web.


You do know what this means, though, don’t you? When I make a presentation I’m going to worry that members of the audience with laptops will be doing just what I’m doing.


Hmmm…I think I’ll want all my presentations held in a non-wireless location.




Mouser Lulu

My cat, Lulu, knows how to ruin a gal’s evening. She is prone to bringing in dead and live critters into the house. Sometimes I find the bloody remains of a feathered friend, along with lots of feathers. Sometimes it’s a mouse. One time she left a cute little bunny rabbit’s gory head on my living room floor. Shudder. On a good day she’ll have a critter that still lives and I can even save them.

Last night she skulked into the house. I didn’t take the time to look her way, but I should have. Many times I can sometimes tell if she has something in her mouth. Last night, I didn’t. It was when I kept hearing her collar bell that I knew something was up. Why was she moving around so much that her bell would dingle? Of course, she’s playing with something, in this case a little mouse.

Lulu was on the counter and I didn’t see the mouse right away, but when I reached for Lulu to see what was going on Lulu moved and dropped the mouse onto the kitchen floor.

No, I didn’t scream. I’m getting used to this – no squealing at the sight of a mouse. The only yelling I did was at Lulu as she jumped down to grab the mouse. I was also going after it too. She reached it first. Here’s where I made my mistake. My goal was to save the mouse. I didn’t want Lulu to crunch down, especially when I could hear the crunch. I pushed Lulu aside, the mouse skittered across the floor, Lulu and I both pounced, getting in each other’s way, and that cute little mouse scurried behind the refrigerator.


It may still be there. I tried moving the refrigerator to scare the mouse out, while Lulu watched intently. No luck. No sweet talking like Cinderella or Snow White seemed to help – I couldn’t talk the silly thing out from behind the fridge.

In the past when Lulu and I worked at cross-purposes I would go to bed and wake up to discover the inner organs of whatever animal had got away. So, I went to bed hoping that the cute little mouse would be torn apart by my killer cat. Anything to get rid of the mouse. So, what did I see when I woke up?


That dang mouse is still in my kitchen! Of course, with my luck, it’s bound to be carrying the plague, hanta virus, or a mutated version of the bird flu.

My only hope is the joy of seeing bloody remains on my kitchen counter when I return home from work. That’s a sad thing to hope for.

Stupid Lulu.

Appearing on the Colbert Report

Robert Greenwald appeared on The Colbert Report tonight. I haven't seen it yet, but it does seem that the man did some preparation. At his web site after he posted this, he received over 1000 comments with good suggestions on what to do when he went on the show. It sounds like it went well as he reports:

I just got back from the taping, and I'm happy to report that the over 1,100 suggestions, advice and comments from folks all over the world allowed me to survive "The Colbert Report" with my dignity nearly intact. He is as smart, funny and quick in person as he is on the air. DUH. And his staff had been reading the blog posts and were impressed with how closely folks were watching the show. 

I can't wait to watch it.  Yes, I also purchased the multi-pass for The Colbert Report along with The Daily Show multi-pass.  When do they load the video so I can download it? 

Something Happy from Iraq

Bush and his Republicans keep moaning about the media only showing bad news out of Iraq.  Happily, today there was good news. Jill Carroll, the kidnapped journalist, was freed early this morning. Now, that’s good news.

Nacho Libre confessional

Just watched the first video podcast of Jack Black’s “Nacho Libre” confessional. What the heck is that movie about? I’ll have to find a trailer online just to see what has him in the wrestling outfit and why he’s also in a monastery. Anyway, the podcast is fun. Will have to subscribe as Jack Black is always fun to watch. You can find the podcast at ITunes in the podcast section. It's a free download.

Update: Just found a link to the trailer from another WordPress blog called The Original Mud Puppy.  I'm not too sure about the movie after watching the trailer, but I'm willing to be surprised.