Boulder holders

Ah the joys of being a woman. There’s nothing like wearing eons-old bras that poke into those tender, plump parts of the breast, constrict and strangle flesh under the breasts and in the back, and continually drop the straps down the arms, causing an awkward dance as I try to slide my hand down from the neck of my blouse to grab the errant bra strap in a vain attempt to pull it up snugly.

Anyway, bought new bras and life is better.

Amazingly, I decided to spend time trying on bras. I always assume I’m a certain size, but I’ve gained weight and the old bras just never fit properly. As someone who wore a size A cup in my skinny days, I was pleased several years ago that I had finally graduated to a B cup. Of course, along with the cup size change my band size wasn’t a normal 36 anymore. 42 seemed the right size. Let’s just say that it’s been hard to find 42Bs. It’s not a common size.

Well, after reading up about bra sizing and proper fit I headed over to Kohl’s and spent time in the lingerie department. It must have been two hours total. I tried on all kinds of brassieres. I found out that just as in buying jeans that some brands of bras fit me better than others. Where a bra sized 40C was snug from one manufacturer; another would pucker like crazy. I do think that my breasts are not the most round and full (mine would be described as “shallow” according to one web site), so I have to be careful how bras are cut.

Imagine to my surprise that after trying many on, that Vanity Fair had the best fit and what was the size? 40C AND 40D! My, I’m feeling rather lush-bodied right now. The 40D was cut a little differently than the other C bras, but really, I was just too thrilled at the thought of wearing a D cup that I’m sure it had something with the purchase. Luckily, after all this shopping I didn’t break the bank. Bras were on sale with a 40% off sale helping me swing some new “boulder holders” for my dear “girls” (hey, with a D cup I can accept the term “boulder” when applied to my breast. With an A cup, I was more of a “pebble” kind of gal.

So, now the question is what to wear tomorrow to show off my new wardrobe items? A full, round chest must still be offset by my full, round belly, making what shows off one feature not attractive in regards to the other. Ah heck. I think it will be a somewhat snug turtleneck with some decent pants or skirt.


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