White House Press Dinner and Stephen Colbert

Today’s canvassing turned out fine, except for twisting my ankle…twice. Karla and I took part of precinct 12 and knocked on some doors, hung door hangers on many more.

Now, guess what I’m doing through the magic of the Internets? I’m watching the White House Correspondent’s Dinner live. It’s streaming at C-Span (I don’t have cable or a satellite dish, so must watch online). Bush is there. Ugh. The highlight will be Stephen Colbert’s speech. Bush is talking in about another five minutes at 7:05 Arizona time and Colbert will be speaking around 7:30.

Update: I can’t get a link added to C-Span, so here is the URL: http://www.c-span.org/watch/index.asp?Cat=TV&Code=CS

Later Update: Colbert was hilarious, but only for those not in the audience. He was telling the truth, blasting the administration and the press. The audience didn’t find it too funny, but his routine was spot on. Bush looked pissed. C-Span will be loading the video later. Check it out. I also have to admit that Bush had a good routine with an impersonator.


Beautiful Day and Democratic canvas

It looks to be a beautiful day, which is a good thing as today is the national Democratic Party canvas day.  Across the country today, in all kinds of communities people are gathering to canvas their neighborhoods promoting the Democratic Party. You can find out more information here.  I'm going to do my part.  What I am not going to do is join the local dems for our annual Roosevelt-Kennedy dinner tonight.  Even with Governor Napolitano as opening speaker and special guest speaker, Gary Hart, I'm just not in the mood to go.

Anyway, I need to get the backside in gear to get ready for the canvas.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

Watching “United 93”

“United 93” hits with a sledgehammer. I am still in an emotional holding pattern after watching it. The movie is well done and respectful of that horrid day, but I often found it unbearable.

The movie starts with the Flight 93 hijackers preparing for that day. I was doing fine and calmly watching the movie, eating my nachos. I lost it when we saw the flight crew showing up for work. It was just another day at work for them as they discussed the normal mundane things we discuss with our co-workers. Tears bubbled up and over. The thought of eating more nachos roiled my stomach. I could only sip my soda as my palms began to sweat. They remained sweaty for the whole film.

The movie slowly builds to those painful scenes of the World Trade Center towers burning. We know it’s going to happen and we watch as the air traffic controllers fight their disbelief that a plane is hijacked. When the first tower is hit, the confusion is overwhelming. The military folks at NORAD and the air traffic folks are astonished. If possible, the movie becomes even more tense, because we, unlike the folks that morning, know there’s more to come.

As a movie, I can’t say if it is excellent. It doesn’t seem unreal and I didn’t find anything too jarring and farfetched. So, it does a fine job. The problem is me. I can’t be objective. Of course, watching a movie isn’t about objectivity. Our life experiences, our emotional states, and cultural expectations always control our appreciation of films, music, and books. Yet, as a reviewer I can sometimes let a part of my brain dissect what’s going on onscreen even while enjoying the movie. With “United 93” I couldn’t. The film just hurt too much.

I am going to need a day or two to figure out what to write. Yes, “United 93” will earn a high score from me, just because of my emotional state. I only wish I knew if that was due to the skill of the moviemaker or my own emotional memories of that horrid day to be forever known as 9/11.

United 93

I have to review "United 93" this weekend. This is a movie I'm not sure I want to see at all. In fact, I'm feeling anxious as I'm about to go see it in a little bit. Those feelings of that day can still come bubbling up any time I see anything about 9/11 and I could end up an emotional wreck.  This movie may be hard to sit through.  

I'll let you know what I think of it when I get back.  

This morning

What a lovely morning. A light rain is falling, I got up early, and I think I'm going to take the dogs out for a short hike before heading into work. So, a muddy hem is in my future. 

Now, of course, getting up early is easier when it isn't dark in the morning. I'd like to say that's what got me up before 7:00 (yes, that's early for me). Unfortunately, I got up early because I never went to bed.

Yes, yes, I did get some sleep, but it was the restless sleep of someone trying to find a comfortable position on the couch. Wait – did I say couch? Let me re-phrase that. I slept all night on my not-so-spacious loveseat. I'm a champion fetal position sleeper.

It gets even more interesting when my corgi, Spencer, insists on joining me on the loveseat. For him to find a place to jump up I am forced to hold my legs straight out in front of the "couch", which allows Spencer to jump up by my butt. I then swing my legs back in and Spencer rests between by pillowy butt and my legs. 

So, a beautiful morning and a lack of good sleep may make for a fun day. 

Doris Day and Sex?

Okay, I’m confused. I look at my stats for this blog and quite a few people seem to like my post, “Sex – Doris Day Style.”  It was one of those quick posts one night about watching “Pillow Talk,” one of my favorite movies.  Well, the words “sex” or “sexy” and “Doris” seems to come up in searches once in a while, thus leading to my post. 

Now, I’m thrilled to get readers, but how disappointed must they be to read my quickie post when they might be looking for something different? So, I had to find out what’s going on.

I did some research and there is some site that has a Sexy Doris (which I can’t find now).  I didn’t visit it, because it looked a little unsavory. There’s also a film directed by Doris Wishman called “The Sex Perils of Paulette” – another one I’m not visiting – wait, it was made in 1965, I’m checking it out…okay, looks slightly naughty.

Maybe some people are interested in Doris Day and sex…um…together.  It can happen. She was beautiful in her younger days, with a sweet and wholesome look. Her singing voice is great. I absolutely love her “Sentimental Journey” with the Les Brown band. I’ve bought several old albums that she released. I also admit that I’m a sucker for “Que Sera, Sera.”

She played all kinds of roles, but got typed for a while as the sweet, plucky woman who stands by her man.  It was “Pillow Talk” that changed all that. She was smart and, yes, sexy in her Jean Louis outfits. Of course, in movie-land, manly Rock Hudson was attracted to her. Yet, it wasn’t that she was reeking of sexuality it was that she was independent, intelligent, and was willing to laugh along with Rock’s faux “Rex Stetson” (Rock puts on a fake persona and name in order to get close to Doris). She wouldn’t laugh with Rock’s smarmy character and Rock knew it. 

Anyway, if you stumble upon this post looking for more Doris Day info, here’s some good links:

IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000013/

Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doris_Day

A nice site all about her: http://www.dorisday.net/index.html

Doris Day with Nick Adams in Pillow Talk

Here's Doris Day with Nick Adams in one of the highlights in "Pillow Talk."  This is a gorgeous Jean Louis gown that she's wearing.  The picture is black and white, but the film is in color (Dawn can watch it!) and Ms. Day looks gorgeous.

Tonight’s DVD – Liza with a Z

Got home from vacation last night and I'm still feeling wiped out. The dogs are glad to be back, the cat wasn't impounded (animal control was out grabbing cats last week), and I'm glad to have some quiet time. Of course, this means sitting back, resting my tired feet, and putting on a DVD.

Well, tonight's DVD is a goody. I was 14 when this appeared on NBC as a special in 1972. Finally released on DVD, "Liza with a Z" isn't for everyone, but, man, do I have fond memories of the show. I had even bought the album and played the heck out of it (I still have it – scratched and slightly warped).  Liza Minnelli, though now considered something of a joke, was once a dynamic, impressive performer. She dances, sings, and emotes through the whole show. Winning four Emmys and a Peabody, "Liza with a Z" is entertaining. Hey, it was directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse! Of course, it's good.  I can't wait to check out the bonus features. Best of all? The DVD also came with a CD of the show. I can replace that old beat up LP and sing along with something newer.