Me? A Technical Expert? Sheesh!

You have got to be kidding me. That was my reaction when my friend, DD, asked if I could help her with her computer. She was finishing up a move to a different place and wasn't sure if she could get it all put together. I surprised myself by saying, "Sure, no problem."

Luckily, it was no problem.

Lots of cables and equipment, but by the time I took it all apart, carted it out to the truck, brought it to her new place, unloaded all the pieces, and started piecing it back together, the cables and equipment all got plugged into the correct places…I think. 😉 

Okay, her DSL wasn't working when I left, but I think when you move you have to let your DSL provider know the new phone number so they can do something, right? I hope so, 'cause I hate to think I screwed something up. I like being a technical expert…

Hmmm…I think I hear my inner brat snickering at the thought.


On the Waterfront – wow

How come I've never seen this before? Sure, I've seen scenes from it; especially the "I could've been a contender," scene. I watched it last night and was walloped with what was going on in some of the scenes. I was only paying partial attention too, but I found myself crying when that famous scene in the taxicab is played out. Marlon Brando as Terry Malloy is heartbreaking as he talks to his brother, played by Rod Steiger.

Tonight, I'm watching all the bonus features, and think I'll watch the commentary version: it's Richard Schickel and Jeff Young (director Elia Kazan's biographer). Anyway, I just have to accept that when a movie is a classic, there's usually a darn good reason. I've put some other top movies onto my Netflix queue and hope I have the same reaction.

Tired, but Film Festival almost there

After a glorious Memorial Day weekend involving swimming, baseball (playing it with a seven-year old and a two-year old), a family birthday party, and just having a good time I feel, oh so, wiped. Work today was a chore. 

After work our DFA film festival committee held a meeting. I didn't want to go, but it turned out rather inspiring. We've done so much work and so much has come together. I still need to get a few more volunteers to help out, but we have TV ads, newspapers ads, and articles coming out this week. With some great movies, including "The Big Buy" (all about Tom DeLay), this should be a great event. 

More information can be found at

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm in the Phoenix area this weekend. Yesterday was our big family birthday party: the "halfly". We had been doing "quarterlies," where the family gathers four times a year to celebrate the birthdays of that quarter, but it got a little difficult; half the birthdays are in the last quarter. As it was also hard to plan four different events, we decided to go to birthday parties twice a year, thus the "halfly". 

Held at my sister's place, the group of us got to break in the use of the swimming pool (very nice!), plus enjoy the use of the media room, with a big screen. There is nothing more fun than being the only adult in a room with two seven-year olds and two two-year olds watching "Star Wars." Man, I was in heaven.

There will be more swimming today and playing with my nephew David's birthday presents, once they get back from church (I'm the problem child who doesn't go to church, well, not if she can help it).

I hope everyone, who lives here in the States, is taking advantage of the holiday weekend. 

It’s Dawn’s Fault

I did something that I may regret. I re-applied to the graduate college at NAU, the university I work for. My friend and co-worker, Dawn, is one of those weird people who has no problems taking classes and working full time. It's unnatural and I don't understand it. Oh sure, I've taken classes and worked at the same time, but I'm usually only good for one semester at a time – I always seem to need a "break" after I go crazed near the end of the semester, so three years go by before I take another class. Dawn is completing her Master's degree, taking two classes each semester. Unnatural, I tell you.

I had started a graduate degree in Political Science, if you think started is taking one class before my usual "break" occurs. Well, the three years are up. It's time to wrap up my "break" and get back to work. After all, I have one of the best benefits in the world: free tuition.

I'm just not ready to work on the grad degree I started. This is where Dawn is to blame. She was talking up the program she's working on while she also works towards her degree. She's earning a Certificate in Professional Writing. At first it didn't sound appealing, but she has some good sales techniques (curse you, Dawn!) and I checked it out here. I could complete it online and I know some of the professors. Hmmm…well, today I checked with the graduate college to change my status. I had been "discontinued" (doesn't that sound lovely?), but it only takes an application as a non-degree seeking student to "continue" me. I talked to the prof and he thinks I'll fit right in. He even made me feel better. I'm such a worry-wart about my writing skills; I never think I measure up to other students, but the prof says no problem – I'm in good shape as far as writing goes.

The upshot to all this? I'm starting a class on June 5th: Advanced Technical Writing. So, if my blogging goes lagging this summer, we all know who to blame. It's Dawn's fault.

Two-movie day

I need to review "Kinky Boots" and plan to see it today at the mall, but the one that's going to get me out of bed and my butt in gear is "X-Men: The Last Stand."

 Update: "X-Men: The Last Stand" was entertaining. Make sure you sit through all the credits for a lovely little moment that most people missed.

Alien Life Form?

This YouTube video is a hoot.

Thanks to today's Cheers and Jeers by Bill in Portland Maine (a regular post on DailyKos).