Free at Last!

Thank god, almighty, I’m free at last! Okay, that’s too dramatic, but I did get all that homework done that I keep putting off. I thought I was late, but it was all due today. I love taking an online course, because today is until midnight. I got it all done with two hours to spare.

You know this means a fun weekend with family, don’t you? Whoo hoo! Swimming, partying (okay, it’s partying at a birthday for a three-year old, but it’s a party, isn’t it?), and putting off next week’s homework.

This is the life.


A Letter to Three Wives

The trick to getting homework done is to not put in a movie that you really want to watch. I thought I was safe watching “A Letter to Three Wives,” as I’ve seen it several times. The tale of three women reviewing their marriages still offers too much fun, attitude, and good storytelling to not watch. That darn Linda Darnell. Man, is she great as the tough gal who marries the wealthy Paul Douglas. With Kirk Douglas, Ann Sothern, and Jeanne Crain rounding out the cast, this movie earned Joseph Mankiewicz two Academy Awards for his direction and screenplay. It was also nominated for Best Movie of 1949.

So, I’ve delayed finishing homework, but got to watch a good movie again. Now I’m watching the bonus features. Homework will happen…sometime.

Superman Returns

My movie to review this weekend is “Superman Returns,” a movie I have been looking forward to. Instead of waiting until this weeknd I decided to see it earlier tonight. There’s so much good in this movie, but why don’t I feel like it was a good movie?

The story is good, the special effects are wonderful, and the direction is fine. I think it’s the actors who disappoint me. Brandon Routh, as Superman, looked great. I just didn’t think he did anything more than just look like Superman. Of course, he was acting with Kate Bosworth, who played Lois Lane. How did Lois Lane end up as a cute piece of fluff? The dialogue fit Lois Lane, but Bosworth didn’t fit the dialogue. I don’t know. Maybe there’s something about the character of Lois Lane that’s hard to cast. While Christopher Reeves made a magnificent Superman in the 1978 film, Margot Kidder was, eh, okay. I didn’t quite like her portrayal of Lois either.

The older folks in the cast have my approval. Frank Langella as Perry White gives the character more gravitas. Eva Marie Saint brought me to tears in one scene. She doesn’t even speak and she got to me. Kevin Spacey makes a great Lex Luthor.

I’ll write up a review and put it in my reviews’ pages in a few weeks (must delay until a week or so after publishing).

Colbert Report’s takes on Class Warfare

God, Stephen Colbert is funny…and smart…and good looking…and…more funny. Anyway, he knows how to look at a subject and give it his “faux conservative” spin. In this video, found at Crooks and Liars, he looks at class warfare.

Blessed Rain

Rain fell on Flagstaff today. Whoo hoo! We have needed this. It feels cooler and smells divine. There’s just something so nice about wet pine trees that smells so good.

We¬† might get more rain tomorrow. I don’t know if our monsoon season is hitting early or if this is just a foretaste , but I’m liking it!

Persuasion vs homework

Must. Do. Homework.


In the meantime, I’ve put in my newly purchased DVD of “Persuasion.” Jane Austen always makes me happy and this movie version of her novel is just a perfect adaptation. It captures the class and gender issues of Regency England. Poor Anne Elliot. Taken advantage of by selfish family members, with little chance of happiness, she must deal with the return of her ex-fiancee to the neighborhood. It’s all very romantic – or as romantic as Jane Austen wrote it.

To me, the story of rekindling a lost love is incredibly romantic.

Can’t they all be like this?

Sorry that I haven’t posted the last few days. This whole doing homework thingie really messes up my evenings. We’ll blame Dawn.

Do you ever have the feeling that all is right with the world? It’s been like that for me. A great weekend just puts me in a frame of mind that doesn’t happen every day. A couple of good movies, hanging out with friends, and doing some good cleaning around the place means much more fun than doing nasty old homework. Though I do need to finish up a movie review.

Friday night Dawn and I went to see “Prairie Home Companion” and loved it. I’ll post my review here in a few weeks (need to delay until after it’s published). Saturday was another great day. It was baby shower time for a co-worker. Now, hanging out at a baby shower with a bunch of people that you work with may sound boring as hell, but I am lucky. I work with some great people. I enjoy their company and our conversation ranged farther afield than just birth talk.
There was one of those proverbial flies in the ointment though. It was suggested that we bring a dish of something. Now, why is this so hard for me? Geraldine at veggies, yarns, and tails probably never gets her anxiety levels raised when thinking of what to bring to a potluck. For me, it’s hell.

The chips and salsa option was already chosen by someone else (though I never did see chips and salsa at the party). Thus, I tried to figure out what to fix. The thing is, I can’t count on wanting to fix something. It’s guaranteed that the day of an event, I’ll stay in bed or get delayed doing something else and never get around to whipping something up. Sure enough, the Games magazine kept me in bed yesterday. I took too long getting ready and though I did feel like whipping something up, I still didn’t know what.  I was thinking in terms of a bread bowl with dip, but couldn’t find anything at the grocery store. On the good side, I did run into somebody there that I hadn’t seen in years and got to catch up with her.

So, I grabbed a big package of strawberries and some whipping cream. I’ve been craving strawberries, so I could feed my cravings and bring something to a summer party. I wish I could say that the whipped cream part worked beautifully, but that would be…well…a big, fat lie. My immersion blender did some funky stuff, whipping cream went everywhere, and I only brought strawberries to the party. Of course, our hostess also had a bowl of strawberries at the table. Okay, that’s why I get fritzed out when having to bring food.

Today was another good day. Got lots done around the place, took some bags of stuff to Goodwill, and bought new curtains for the front window. Had to – I saved a bird from my cat, but not before it pooped all over the curtains. Still, I did save it and it got to fly away, unhurt.

I also had time to catch another movie. “Click” was a surprise. Bring your hankies to this one. Wow.

So, a good weekend with good people and good movies puts me in a great frame of mind. Plus, there’ve been no fires around here lately.

Now, if only I could do something about that pesky homework – ah, then my frame of mind would be at a whole ‘nother level.