Holding On

Well my blogging activities have been limited lately. It’s crazy at work, school just started, and I neede to write a video review tonight (wrotw about Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World). I’m just trying to make it to this weekend.


Night Listener review

Okay, here’s the last review for tonight. If time permits tomorrow I’ll post my reviews for World Trade Center, Zoom, and Snakes on a Plane.

Night Listener review. 

Sunset Boulevard review

From High School Musical to Sunset Boulevard. Hey, it’s all about show business.

Here’s the review.

High School Musical review

I’m catching up on some of my past reviews that I haven’t uploaded yet. The first is High School Musical. I do have to review videos at least once a month and, after watching this with my niece, I knew I wanted to tackle this gripping drama about heroin-shooting teens, stealing and selling their bodies for their next fix,  and…oh, wait, that’s not the right movie. High School Musical is exactly as it sounds. Gripping drama? Um…only if you’re a seven year old.

Here’s my review. 

Duck Soup

Tonight I had the delight of watching the Marx Brothers on the big screen. Our campus’ classic movie series kicked off tonight with Duck Soup.

Oh my. Before tonight I had only watched parts of this movie and a scene here and scene there does not do it justice. The anarchy needs to be seen in one big helping and with an audience. Comedies deserve an audience. What is only a chuckle at home in front of the TV becomes a guffaw when shared with strangers in a darkened theater.

Groucho is in top form as Rufus T. Firefly, the ruler of Freedonia. Chico and Harpo are spies from neighboring Sylvania – and not very good spies at that. Margaret Dumont is…Margaret Dumont, the oblivious grande dame.

My favorite scene? I loved it when both Chico and Harpo dress up as Groucho. We get the classic mirror scene with Groucho and Harpo:

Mirror scene at YouTube

Of course, seeing war from the Marx Brothers point of view also offers some great laughs:

War sequence at YouTube 

There’s so many great lines, most of them from Groucho. Two of my faves:

“Remember, you’re fighting for this woman’s honor, which is probably more than she ever did.”

“Go, and never darken my towels again!”

Chico gets the famous, “Well, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”

I normally would tell you to rent the DVD to see the film, but I would much rather you find a showing at a university or revival theater and see Duck Soup with a laughing audience.

Feeling Wicked

I’m off to Phoenix to catch “Wicked” at Grady Gammage. I’m so excited to see this show. It is the worst possible time for me to get tickets, since the semester begins tomorrow and a late night driving back to Flag will not make me the most alert person in the morning. I’m definitely feeling wicked! 😉

Do I have to get up?

Only my desperate desire for a cup of coffee will get me out of bed anytime soon.

Oh, good morning.

Update: It was a desperate desire to empty my bladder that finally got me out of bed.