3000 Died

That mess in Iraq has reached the latest fatality milestone: 3000 Americans dead.  What a sad way to end the year. Please give a prayer for the family members dealing with the tragedy of losing their son, father, mother, or daughter .


My Guess is Correct

I posted about the Filmbrain Quiz earlier.  All I had to do was confirm my guess about what movie was represented by Filmbrain’s screen shot. Well, my instant guess was correct. I’ve been watching the film (I’m not telling what it is either!) and saw the scene that I expected.

Man, I love being right.

Charlotte’s Web review

The previews for Charlotte’s Web looked horrid. I thought the movie would also be horrid, but found out that my memories of the book that I read as a child were not totally sullied. There was some heartfelt emotion to the story of how Charlotte tries to save Wilbur.

I’ve seen the film twice now. Besides my initial viewing for reviewing purposes, I also joined my niece and great nieces for a viewing on Christmas day. They kids enjoyed it and I still got choked up.

Anyway, here’s my review.

A Good Year review

In my quest to finish posting my reviews that I write for a local paper (I’m one of four reviewers, so do not review every film), here’s my review for A Good Year. This Russell Crowe film came and went quickly from our local theater, but it should be released on DVD in February.

Work delayed, Music played

So let’s see, I’m posting tons of my reviews, posting about a film quiz, and not mentioning work. Yeah, I’m delaying doing any work.

I did go into the office yesterday for a few hours, but did not accomplish much. That may have had to do with me remembering that one of my Christmas presents was in my backpack: a $15 iTunes gift card. After browsing the iTunes store I purchased about five dollars worth of music, but it did take two hours.  I better get some work done today here at home. I can get screen shots of the software tomorrow or Monday on my work computer, but I can write up the web pages here on my laptop for the online workshop I’m putting together.

The music I bought? I’m such a nerd. There wasn’t any Archies or Nancy Sinatra this time, but here’s what I got:

“Everybody’s Girl” – a song from a Kander/Ebb musical sung by Debra Monk at a special event at Carnegie Hall. I saw her sing it on the Broadway’s Leading Ladies DVD.

“Bang, Bang” – Dizzy Gillespie

“Idlewild Blues” – Outkast – I saw the video as part of the movie DVD of Idlewild and fell in love with the song.

A song from an Indian movie with a title that I can’t remember.

“Pink Cadillac” – Springsteen

So, though I did not get the work done that I wanted to, I do have some nice new tunes to listen to. There’s a decent trade-off there, right?

Filmbrain Quiz – oh, baby

This week’s quiz from Filmbrain is the last one of this round.  I’ve guessed them correctly so far and this last picture of people dancing was immediately identifiable. Of course, I do need to confirm my instant guess and have rented the film to doublecheck. I’m always afraid I’m being too cocky and will guess incorrectly when just a little research or movie-watching will show me the right answer. Luckily, I love this film so do not mind watching it again.  If I am right I’ll have bettered my score from the last round when I missed one.  Oh please, oh please, oh please let me be right.

Wordplay review

The documentary Wordplay played right into one of my obsessions: crossword puzzles  — or any kind of puzzle. Here’s my review of the DVD.