Iraq and Operation Clap Louder

Hunter at DailyKos previews what our glorious leader’s speech on Wednesday night will be about:

On Wednesday, President Bush will be giving an address to the nation about Iraq. He will be using the opportunity to introduce Operation Clap Louder, aka Operation Second Verse Same As The First, aka Operation Double or Nothing, aka Operation Save Bush’s Ass.

All right, I admit it. I find this entire exercise a waste of time, unworthy of anything but mockery, and I find it surprising that anyone in America honestly has to pretend at taking this seriously, after this many years of Operation Same Damn Thing.

I just love Hunter’s way with words. If only the names for this escalation could be named so truthfully.  What Hunter writes is the truth:

There’s simply no way to take any of this supposed plan “seriously”. There’s nothing serious about sending another ten, twenty or thirty thousand men into a situation that still lacks a clear mission or objectives other than a nebulous “and then democracy will happen, and we’ll all get ponies.” There’s no “seriousness” required on the part of either McCain or Lieberman in continuing to support the same failed policy they’ve supported all along. It’s not seriousness, it’s cowardice. Like Bush, they similarly can’t abide being proven inept, and so the entire country is supposed to continue this game — this fiction — in order to save their sorry hides from the reproach of history.

Iraq and our government’s need to somehow come up with a win when only losses are the options is depressing. It was an immoral war, it was bungled time and again, but let’s keep doing more of the same. Sigh.

Go read more of what Hunter has to say. He says it so much better than I.


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