Freezing My Butt Off (which would be a good thing)

Wow. This morning was brutal. I walked out to the car and by the time I was down the stairs I had my gloves out and on quick. How cold was it? I checked the weather page when I got to work and it was 7 degrees. Cold, right? Okay, except for you folks who live in the cold part of the country it might not be that cold to you, but when the wind is blowing that cold temperature against your face making the wind chill 2 below, it is cold to me.

It got down to 12 below zero (this is all Fahrenheit) the other night. My cat Lulu seems to want to stick around inside. She hasn’t done any small critter hunting for a while now. In fact, she’s usually parked on the shelf near the wall heater.

We’ll get a slight warming the next few days — it will be above freezing tomorrow — and the cold spell will pass.  This is good. After all, my butt won’t get any smaller by freezing off.  It’s highly padded and seems impervious to the cold.


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