Hey, It’s That Guy!

Do you ever watch a movie or TV show and see a character who looks very familiar? You saw him the night before in a TV drama playing a corrupt city councilman. He appeared as the weaselly government agent in the movie you saw last weekend. Tonight he’s playing a pissed-off colonel in the Army. The face is familiar, but you don’t know the actor’s name?

There is a site that is dedicated to these actors and actresses. Check out Hey, It’s That Guy!

With a long list of links to these actors and actresses, the site is dedicated to the memory of supporting actor J.T. Walsh. You see Walsh’s face in a movie, you’ll recognize it. He played the Marine colonel who killed himself in A Few Good Men, the villainous truck driver in Breakdown, and the mayor of Pleasantville.

I was thrilled to meet J.T. Walsh one night. He was friends with the director of a play I that was in.  She, a film producer,  and her husband, a film director, had worked with Walsh and he was in town. He even came to the play. Of course I was a nervous nellie and didn’t feel comfortable talking to that familiar face. Still, I fondly remember him.

Walsh passed away several years ago, but when I see him in a film or TV show I can point to him and not only say, “Hey, it’s that guy!” but I can also say that I met him.


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