Well, today two politicians announced that they were going for the big enchilada. Both Hillary Clinton and Sam Brownback announced they were running for President of the United States.

On the chance that you have lived on a remote island with no knowledge of the outside world for the last 15 years, Hillary Clinton is an ex-First Lady, current Senator from New York, and the most hated women by those who populate the right side of the political spectrum. Sam Brownback is the Republican Senator from Kansas and is loved by those on the right side of the political spectrum (not so much from the Left).

The real excitement is that we will have our most diverse group of candidates running for the Democratic nomination. Hillary is a woman, Barak Obama is black, and Bill Richardson, who is announcing tomorrow, is hispanic. Of course, as Chris Bowers says at MyDD:

As far as making the field look more diverse, it is true. However, the field still isn’t really all that diverse. It has exactly one woman (Hillary), one African-American (Obama), and one Latino (Richardson). The other six, Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Gravel, Kucinich, and Vilsack, are all white dudes. That is about twice the level of white and male as the Democratic electorate, so while this is a step forward, obviously a lot of work is left to be done.

What amazes me is that I’m not ready to select my candidate yet. I would have thought that the first top-tier female candidate would have my support, but though I like a lot of things about Ms. Clinton, she’s done and said some things that leave me cold. The same with Obama. Richardson hasn’t pissed me off yet, but I don’t know enough about him to support him.

After my passionate support of Howard Dean in 2003 and early 2004 (and how heartbreaking that was), I think I’m feeling the need to be wooed by the candidates. Edwards is saying the right things, so is near the top of my list. Yet the top of the list is Unknown. I would love to be surprised by someone who thrills me like Dean did. I don’t think it will happen though.

There is only one unannounced candidate who could excite me and that’s good old boring Al Gore. Yep, Gore rocks my world. Who would’ve thought it? My sense of fairness and justice wants him to win the Presidency. After all, he did once before, but had it stolen from him. It’s only fair that he takes the place that he so rightly deserves.

Of course, there are other ways to look at this. TBogg has his own special view of possible future Vice-Presidents.


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