Slipping and Sliding

I made it home safely tonight. I mention this because it was a little hairy driving home. The snow was coming down fast and the road was covered in snow. Trust me, I was going slow — I grew up in Phoenix and driving in snow still gives me twinges of fear.

So there I am, driving slowly, when I slip on the road and start sliding towards the oncoming car. One nice thing about a snowy drive is that everyone is driving slowly.  I know I’m about to hit the car when my fancy driving skills have me pulling back on my side of the road (heck, if it was something that I did with the wheel it wasn’t on purpose). I almost end up back on my side of the road driving as I should when I over correct and my truck heads off the road.

Tryin all kinds of things with the steering wheel and the brakes I slide into a snow bank and stall out. There I sit, perpindicular to the road, with all the cars stopped behind me.

I start the engine, back up (the other drivers are waiting for me), and I drive home. I’m just feeling happy that I didn’t collide with any large object.


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