To YearlyKos or Not to YearlyKos?

All DailyKos readers know about YearlyKos. Last June was the first annual gathering of Kos readers. Held in Las Vegas, I went to the event. What a great experience:

Anyway, my question is whether to go again this year. This time it’s going to be held in Chicago, which means plane fare. Vegas was just a shared car ride with some friends.

If I want to go I can still get a good deal if I register tonight.  So, do I or don’t I?


One Response to “To YearlyKos or Not to YearlyKos?”

  1. wendy Says:

    Yes – you should go! I seem to remember you having a good experience last year. I also recall you exhorting me to live life and grab it by the cojones (of course this was in regards to going to the Telluride Film festival), but I never regretted my decision(s) to go (in fact I’d like to go again sometime)!


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