Fay Wray Family Time

The campus classic film series started up again.  Tomorrow night is the classic 1933 version of King Kong.  Our family maintains a special interest in the film. Why? Actress Fay Wray is family. She’s my cousin – twice removed (I think – cousins removed and seconded confuse me). Her grandfather was my great-great-grandfather.

I tell people that there is a family resemblance between me and Fay. I too can scream loudly.


Football is God

After a long day yesterday of homework and writing a video review (Idlewild), I am taking it easy tonight. The movie in the DVD player is one of those films I wanted to see when it came out and I never got around to it. It’s been out on DVD a couple of years now, but tonight’s my first time to watch it. Friday Night Lights is awesome. Wow.

Director Peter Berg catches the action and intensity of high school football. The cast is great, especially Billy Bob Thornton as the coach.

Without cable or a satellite dish I don’t watch football anymore. There are times I miss it. Man, I so wanted to watch the Bears and Saints game, but homework called. Plus, I don’t know where to go watch the game in town. Flagstaff doesn’t really have a sports bar anymore. So, a movie about football hits the spot.

Banjo Playing on a Sunday Morning

There’s nothing like waking up to banjo music. This morning my clock-radio, set to NPR, gave me that joy.

Half asleep, I heard one of the three banjo players being interviewed talking about how he started playing banjo with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and he’d wear a arrow on his head. “Huh?” was my sleepy reaction. “What, he’s a Steve Martin copy?” No, he wasn’t a copy — it was Steve Martin.

Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, and Steve Martin were the interviewees discussing a new album of banjo duets.  Funny and tuneful. It’s a great segment from NPR. Take a listen, especially if you need some banjo music to get you going this chilly Sunday morning.


Well, today two politicians announced that they were going for the big enchilada. Both Hillary Clinton and Sam Brownback announced they were running for President of the United States.

On the chance that you have lived on a remote island with no knowledge of the outside world for the last 15 years, Hillary Clinton is an ex-First Lady, current Senator from New York, and the most hated women by those who populate the right side of the political spectrum. Sam Brownback is the Republican Senator from Kansas and is loved by those on the right side of the political spectrum (not so much from the Left).

The real excitement is that we will have our most diverse group of candidates running for the Democratic nomination. Hillary is a woman, Barak Obama is black, and Bill Richardson, who is announcing tomorrow, is hispanic. Of course, as Chris Bowers says at MyDD:

As far as making the field look more diverse, it is true. However, the field still isn’t really all that diverse. It has exactly one woman (Hillary), one African-American (Obama), and one Latino (Richardson). The other six, Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Gravel, Kucinich, and Vilsack, are all white dudes. That is about twice the level of white and male as the Democratic electorate, so while this is a step forward, obviously a lot of work is left to be done.

What amazes me is that I’m not ready to select my candidate yet. I would have thought that the first top-tier female candidate would have my support, but though I like a lot of things about Ms. Clinton, she’s done and said some things that leave me cold. The same with Obama. Richardson hasn’t pissed me off yet, but I don’t know enough about him to support him.

After my passionate support of Howard Dean in 2003 and early 2004 (and how heartbreaking that was), I think I’m feeling the need to be wooed by the candidates. Edwards is saying the right things, so is near the top of my list. Yet the top of the list is Unknown. I would love to be surprised by someone who thrills me like Dean did. I don’t think it will happen though.

There is only one unannounced candidate who could excite me and that’s good old boring Al Gore. Yep, Gore rocks my world. Who would’ve thought it? My sense of fairness and justice wants him to win the Presidency. After all, he did once before, but had it stolen from him. It’s only fair that he takes the place that he so rightly deserves.

Of course, there are other ways to look at this. TBogg has his own special view of possible future Vice-Presidents.

Another Saturday Night

And I ain’t got nobody…well, unless you consider two dogs and one cat who are finding me a source of warmth. It’s cold outside and I’m mighty warm to lay next to.

Lots of homework and housework kept me busy today. This worked out well as I am fighting a cold. So far, it’s only a cough. Let’s hope I keep it that way. The powers of Emergen-C are my aid to fighting the cold virus.

While doing homework I put in one of my favorite DVDs: From the Earth to the Moon. I’ve watched the first five episodes and the current episode has Armstrong and Aldrin landing on the moon. Man, I do love this HBO series.

Hey, It’s That Guy!

Do you ever watch a movie or TV show and see a character who looks very familiar? You saw him the night before in a TV drama playing a corrupt city councilman. He appeared as the weaselly government agent in the movie you saw last weekend. Tonight he’s playing a pissed-off colonel in the Army. The face is familiar, but you don’t know the actor’s name?

There is a site that is dedicated to these actors and actresses. Check out Hey, It’s That Guy!

With a long list of links to these actors and actresses, the site is dedicated to the memory of supporting actor J.T. Walsh. You see Walsh’s face in a movie, you’ll recognize it. He played the Marine colonel who killed himself in A Few Good Men, the villainous truck driver in Breakdown, and the mayor of Pleasantville.

I was thrilled to meet J.T. Walsh one night. He was friends with the director of a play I that was in.  She, a film producer,  and her husband, a film director, had worked with Walsh and he was in town. He even came to the play. Of course I was a nervous nellie and didn’t feel comfortable talking to that familiar face. Still, I fondly remember him.

Walsh passed away several years ago, but when I see him in a film or TV show I can point to him and not only say, “Hey, it’s that guy!” but I can also say that I met him.

Go to Bed, Girl!

I just finished up some homework and must pat myself on the back for doing so, but I did not have to stay up past midnight to do it! Sigh. It’s Homework Obsession. That’s what it is. Now, I’ll be too irritated tomorrow to do any more work on my two classes and I won’t be any more ahead than I woiuld have been if I had gone to bed earlier with one less assignment turned in.

So off to bed I go.