Battlestar Galactica time

So, I’m into the first season DVDs of the new Battlestar Galactica. Interesting, and so much better than the old show. I love that Starbuck is a woman.


A Night at the Vet’s

What a lovely Thursday evening, spending quality time with my dog Spencer in the veterinarian waiting room. No, it’s not an emergency, but instead of going to vet tomorrow on a day off (yes, I’m taking a vacation day), I rescheduled for tonight, since there’s snow heading our way tomorrow.  If it’s snowing, I’m staying in bed with a romance novel and not driving around town.

So, Spencer has been wheezing and breathing heavy when he lays down at night.  At first, I thought it was just the extra weight he’s put on, but I began to worry.  The gool old Web offered lovely suggestions about possible causes such as heartworm. Oh, jeez.  Luckily, it’s not heartworm, but I wasn’t being a worry-wart for nothing: Spencer has bronchitis.

The hard part about waiting around while Spencer was getting the x-rays and blood work and a shot of steroids (a possible cure), I saw two crying owners of dogs. One dog likely had cancer and the other was poisoned. It looks like the poisoned dog was going to be okay, but the other dog — a chocolate lab mix — may not be okay.  The woman who owned the dog rushed out from the office in tears. I overheard the vet then explaining the situation to her husband. There is a chance that it is not cancer, but it will take more tests to rule it out.

In November 2004 I was that crying woman. My dog Chewie was diagnosed with liver cancer. It happened so quickly. He wasn’t eating and was lethargic, so I took him in and tests were done.  I learned the news within three days. All I could do was take care of him until he was too weak and then finally make that decision, that heartaching decision, to put him down.

Tonight there’s a woman in tears about her dog. I hope she doesn’t have to make that decision and a happy ending occurs. I’m sending blessings her way. Please help her out by sending your prayers, blessings, thoughts, or whatever you choose to call them, her way also.f

Damn pets. They give their hearts to us, but then they break our hearts.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

After plowing through 60 pages of Foucault I’m treating myself to an old favorite — When Harry Met Sally.  God, I do love the restaurant “orgasm” scene. It still pays off with a huge laugh.

Bridge to Terabithia

Oh my god. Why didn’t anyone warn me? Well let me warn you — bring a hankie when you go see Bridge to Terabithia. It is nothing like the previews would have you believe. Instead of some magical kingdom with fantastic creatures the story is about two kids who use their imagination.

Man, it pushed all my buttons. Let’s see…loner kids who don’t fit in (that brings back memories), who create fantastic kingdoms in their imaginations (oh, I’ve been there), and wanting some acknowledgement of how special they are. It’s a lovely story, but if you are thinking about bringing young kids to the film be warned, there’s an off-screen death that brings out the tears. That’s why I needed a hankie.

A Cock and Bull Story

I’m watching Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story as I try to complete a homework assignment. It’s such a quirky film that homework is not getting done.  It’s a movie within a movie that has the actors playing themselves playing characters from the Tristram Shandy novel. Do check it out. It’s not the normal fare, but it is funny.

Bitchiest Film Ever Made

That’s what Sam Staggs calls “All About Eve.”  The bitchy part is right. So many characters know how to throw the barbs at each other.

I’m watching it again tonight and listening to one of the commentaries. I listened to Staggs’  audio commentary the other night, which offered plenty of fun nuggets of information about the making of “All About Eve.” Tonight is my night to write the video review of this film and there’s so much to say.  What do you highlight? The script and it’s humorously dramatic look at a conniving woman? The actors? The cast includes Bette Davis as a flamboyant actress, Ann Baxter as the helpful young woman who may not be all she seems, Celeste Holm as the friend, George Sanders as the witty theater critic, Gary Merrill as the dedicated director, and an up-and-coming young actress by the name of Marilyn Monroe is . . . Marilyn Monroe.

The film works on so many levels. I’ve seen it time and again. On March 6 I get to watch it again, but this time with an audience as part of the NAU Film Series. Oh my, a bitchy time will be had by all.

Food Network Fun

I admit it. It’s an addiction. It’s an obsession that was only cured by getting rid of my satellite dish. Does anyone else feel the same way about the Food Network?

No matter how much I enjoy watching one of the resident food experts show me how to chop an onion I found this blog post entertaining. So, what does a professional chef think of the show?

I actually WATCH Food Network now and again, more often than not drawn in by the progressive horrors on screen. I find myself riveted by its awfulness, like watching a multi-car accident in slow motion.

Don’t miss his thoughts on each of the “chefs” on the Food Network. Here’s a snippet:

BOBBY FLAY: They seem to have noticed Bobby’s strong “negatives” among some viewer responses during focus groups–and decided to respond by subjecting poor Bobby to THROWDOWN; the object of which is to allow every web-fingered geek with a backyard grill–or half-mad muffin maker to proclaim, “I beat Bobby Flay at makin’ barbeque!” at the heart-warming end of show–before returning to tend their meth labs…