Bitchiest Film Ever Made

That’s what Sam Staggs calls “All About Eve.”  The bitchy part is right. So many characters know how to throw the barbs at each other.

I’m watching it again tonight and listening to one of the commentaries. I listened to Staggs’  audio commentary the other night, which offered plenty of fun nuggets of information about the making of “All About Eve.” Tonight is my night to write the video review of this film and there’s so much to say.  What do you highlight? The script and it’s humorously dramatic look at a conniving woman? The actors? The cast includes Bette Davis as a flamboyant actress, Ann Baxter as the helpful young woman who may not be all she seems, Celeste Holm as the friend, George Sanders as the witty theater critic, Gary Merrill as the dedicated director, and an up-and-coming young actress by the name of Marilyn Monroe is . . . Marilyn Monroe.

The film works on so many levels. I’ve seen it time and again. On March 6 I get to watch it again, but this time with an audience as part of the NAU Film Series. Oh my, a bitchy time will be had by all.


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