I Know Where I’m Going

I Know Where I’m Going

Well. I had to watch the bonus features AND listen to the commentary for I Know Where I’m Going tonight. I watched the film last night and loved it. Made in 1944, starring Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey, and written and directed by Michael Powell and Eric Pressburger, the film tells the story of a young woman off to marry her wealthy fiancee in Scotland, but is sidetracked by the weather and a charming Scottish laird.

My sister told me about the movie years ago, and I’ve thought about it off and on but had not seen it in the video stores. Thanks to Netflix I’ve now remedied the situation. Many of the scenes were filmed in the Scottish islands, and though in black and white, they make me want to book a Scottish vacation.


What Happened Today?

I check my blog stats today, and discover that Saturday was my best day ever as far as hits: I got 115.  Huh? What happened?  Why?

Looking at the search engine terms that brings someone to my site, I could see that the terms “chicago,” “Chicago,” CHICAGO,” and other variations of Chicago were mighty popular.  So, people doing a search of Chicago clicked on my blog.  I tried to find out what post was doing it, but when I search for Chicago on Google, Ask.com, or yahoo I don’t get any dilettanteville showing up.  Hmmm…it’s a mystery.  I just hope that whatever post (my visit to Chicago last summer or talking about YearlyKos in Chicago this summer) was what the searchers were looking for.

Making a Movie…Sort Of

I’m watching The Last Shot, a film about making a movie. Unfortunately for the aspiring screenwriter and director, played by Matthew Broderick, his movie is only a front set up by the FBI as part of a sting operation. It’s a fun but slight film, and based on a true story (aren’t all films nowadays?).

Alec Baldwin is the FBI agent who falls in love with the idea of making movies, Toni Collette is the rather strange leading lady, and Tony Shalhoub is the gangster and the one the FBI is after. Buck Henry plays the friend/agent of Broderick’s character, while Joan Cusack is a producer who shows Baldwin and the FBI how to act like a producer.  Their best scenes are on the deleted scenes section of the bonus features, but still have moments in the “undeleted” scenes.

I’m not sure how I would rate it if I reviewed it, but for a Friday night movie it hits the spot.  My question is if I should do a double feature.  I’ve got a Michael Powell film waiting for me: I Know Where I’m Going.  Hmm… it’s 9:22 pm, will I stay awake long enough? I’ve slept the last day and a half away with headaches/aches/crappy chest congestion.  I might just manage to make it through an old comedy. If so, expect another post.

Me and my exciting Friday night.

Wild Hogs review

Gee, let’s make fun of the gays and have the homophobic behavior be sympathetic. The jokes are mainly weak, but there are a few, which helped me up the grade to C+. The movie has had good box office, but it has help from the lack of decent films this time of year.  Anyway, here’s my review for Wild Hogs.

More Dick Cavett

Tonight’s DVD is the second in the series of Dick Cavett’s shows with comics. We get Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, and Bill Cosby. Talk shows certainly have change since Cavett was on the air.  I just watched Woody Allen do a 90 minute interview with Cavett.  You never get that kind of time to talk and joke about subjects in current shows, which is a shame.

For Your Consideration review

I just posted my review of For Your Consideration. As I didn’t get to see this in the movie theatres, but had to wait until it was out on DVD. Fortunately I had seen it by the time we had a movie reviewer problem arise. Since our local entertainment newspaper is set for us movie reviewers to have about 800 words for all reviews combined, with another 450 for the one video review, our regular reviews are about 270 words (when there are three movies that opened) or 400 words (two movies). The other week only one movie opened which meant a review of 800 words. I think it was Premonition.

We had to decide what to do. Our decision? Have an extra video review. Who would write it? Well, duh, me of course. Thus I have a 400 word video review.

Um…that wasn’t a fascinating story was it?

Life is Good

You know that paper and project and presentation about the project that I’ve been whining about? Well, it’s done and turned in, so one more class down.  It might be a good idea before I take another class to go ahead and appy to the college.  That’s my next project.  Meanwhile, I be watching some Battlestar Galactica, season 2.  Netflix is good.