Is that Bi-Annual or Semi-Annual?

As I continue to avoid my homework (yes, it’s spring break, but when you are behind that doesn’t mean you can take a break), I’ve decided to write a delayed post on my blog. I had two milestones happen a few weeks ago: I hit over 10,000 site views and I passed my first anniversary of blogging.

My very first post was on March 9, 2006:

My first post on this blog. As a dilettante who flitters and scatters about, I have no high expectation that this will turn into a going concern. Of course, even a dilettante must have dreams no matter how frivolous and unsuitable. So, on with the show and may I at least post more than once every six months!

Well, I did post more than every six months. Making a decision to post about whatever I wanted to write about helped. Though I am a political blog junkie I find that I rarely want to write about political goings on – there are so many better writers than me who say things so much better about the state of the world’s affairs. I get so angry and can’t find the words to express my anger about Bush and his buddies.

Now, writing about films is easy. I do it as a part-time job and can post my printed reviews a week after they are published. I also watch tons of DVDs. This is due to my determination not to have cable or a satellite dish again. Too many commercials and too many awful shows can still suck you in to hours of TV viewing. Though I do pen items that have nothing to do with movies, it is my favorite subject. I’ve somehow written 408 posts and raked in 445 comments.

This site doesn’t get a lot of hits each day, but I average about 20 to 30. Considering how excited I was the day Dilettanteville received 8 hits (five of them from people I didn’t know), that’s something. My top day was 114 hits, which was due to a post that was cross-posted at DailyKos. Yes, I met Joseph Wilson. He didn’t have his wife Valerie Plame with him, but oh, that was heady.

The most commented post was actually one of my review pages. Anyone hear about High School Musical? Oh my, the comments make me feel old. Young Cassidy and others argue about the High School Musical bed sheets. Lots of visitors find me based on a search on the bedding with a High School Musical theme. Just writing this could cause many more visits. Personally, I don’t understand the fuss about the tie-in products, but then, I am no longer 12 years old.

If not High School Musical, it’s Doris Day and Sex. Yes, that post also received tons of hits. Do you think it’s because of the name “Doris Day” or the word “sex” in the title? Or is it the combination of both?

The real thrill is when you find yourself on other’s blogrolls. Soorajrox, who, like me, is having a hard time posting lately, frequently comments on my posts. I think it was my comic book post that led him to me. There’s something about a picture of Red Sonja that makes a blog very readable. What’s neat about soorajrox is that he’s from India, a place that I find fascinating. I didn’t used to think I would want to visit India, but my opinion changed in the last year or two. Watching Bollywood musicals will do that to you.

Thebrideofthemonster is another commenter who uses the same movie character as our personal icon: the Bride of Frankenstein. It also looks like thebrideofthemonster is French. Her/his blog, This Blog is Rotten is written in both French and English.

So, I do like my own little dilettanteville, and I enjoy writing about silly things. I like discovering other people who post on similar blogs. So many of us have something in common, especially the love of movies. I do hope to continue doing more. I hope that I can write something interesting and entertaining often enough to make people want to read what I have to say. Most of all, I do hope I continue to post more than once every six months.


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