Getting There … or Getting Close

I’ve stressed over this final paper that I need to complete for one of my online classes.  The teacher gave me an extra week to do it, as I had to travel out of town on business last week, but it is like pulling teeth to get me to finish this baby.  I’m aiming for 12 pages and I’m up to 9, but I want to be done NOW.  It’s due Monday, along with a slide show and a mini-project.

It’s sad that I missed the Peace March this morning here in Flagstaff because I was up late last night writing — though I did manage to make it to the movies.  I am reviewing The Last Mimzy, but did I go see that?  Oh no, I wen’t to see Shooter (a darn good action film, by the way, and satisfied all my needs to see things blow up good) and now I still need to see The Last Mimzy AND finish this honking paper.  Did I mention that I sometimes hate being a student?

Okay, I know I can get three more pages out of me tonight.  It’s only 10:00 PM, there’s two more hours until tomorrow.  Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and not have to finish my first draft — I could go right to the second draft, plus finish up the other projects, and see the movie, oh, and write the movie review.  Sigh.

I know!  I’ll go eat some ice cream!   Um… don’t ask me how that helps me get my paper done, but it does allow me to do something other than complain. 😉


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