For Your Consideration review

I just posted my review of For Your Consideration. As I didn’t get to see this in the movie theatres, but had to wait until it was out on DVD. Fortunately I had seen it by the time we had a movie reviewer problem arise. Since our local entertainment newspaper is set for us movie reviewers to have about 800 words for all reviews combined, with another 450 for the one video review, our regular reviews are about 270 words (when there are three movies that opened) or 400 words (two movies). The other week only one movie opened which meant a review of 800 words. I think it was Premonition.

We had to decide what to do. Our decision? Have an extra video review. Who would write it? Well, duh, me of course. Thus I have a 400 word video review.

Um…that wasn’t a fascinating story was it?


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