Drunken Monkeys?

Okay, I keep running across videos that tickle my funny bone. This one reminded me of my younger days:


Hot Fuzz Yesterday; Today it’s The Invisible

I’m reviewing two movies this weekend. One I loved. Hot Fuzz was great.  It’s not a perfect movie, but I found myslef laughing throughout.  It also had a slam-bang action ending that hit all the action movie staples, but with lots of humor.

I still have to see The Invisible, which I’m about to go do.  Who knows? It may surprise me.  Still, I’m not looking forward to it like I did to Hot Fuzz.  I’ll let you know when I get back.

God’s Oh-So-Convenient Plan?

Did you hear about the dad who was upset that his daughter’s teacher showed An Inconvenient Truth in class? He feels that there should be an opposing view offered, and in this hilarious interview with The Daily Show’s Jason Jones he gives one.   Crooks and Liars has the clip.  Go watch it….
Now that you’re back I have to tell you, if I didn’t have friends and family in my life who are decent, church-going Christians, I’d assume that all religious folks were nuts like this guy.  It’s hard to stay neutral about religion when so many folks are small-minded, mean, and creepy about their beliefs. Luckily, I do know some wonderful people who are not creepy, so I can’t make sweeping generalizations.  Still, there are moments when I wish the Rapture that all these folks are devoutly planning on would happen, so they’d all just go away.  The rest of us could get on with saving this lovely planet.

Renzi Resigning?

Okay, so there’s been tons of good stuff to post about, but have I opened up this blog and posted? Of course not! Anyway, what I’m following closely out in blogland is the rumors of my congressman, Rick Renzi, possibly resigning.

From Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion:

The zeitgeist both in Phoenix and Washington is that Rick Renzi will be submitting his resignation from the House of Representatives by Friday.

I am so hoping these rumors are true. The further rumor is another interesting one:

A further bit of mitote has it that Ann Kirkpatrick will resign her seat in the legislature early next week and announce her campaign to replace Renzi.

I like Ann, and think she’d definitely win in Flagstaff, but even though she’s an Arizona gal — born in McNary and going to high school at Blue Ridge — will this play in other parts of the district? I’d certainly volunteer for her. I’ve known her for a long time. We volunteered together at the Democratic Party headquarters, for other Dem events, and even after elected she’s such a sweetie for volunteering to speak at our local DFA events.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the rumors are true. Getting rid of a sleazy, corrupt congressman, plus replacing him with someone who is decent and caring would make me a happy girl. And who knows? I might just post about it!

Is it Time to Go Home Yet?

Man, this is a sloooooow Friday afternoon at work.  I’m trying to justify leaving an hour early, but have no good justifications.  Sigh…back to work.

Rick Renzi in Big Trouble — Whoo hoo!

The FBI made a surpise visit to Renzi’s (AZ-01) family’s business today. Oh baby, oh baby, I’m feelin’ good.

In a second blow to House Republicans this week, the FBI raided a business tied to the family of Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) Thursday afternoon as part of an ongoing investigation into the three-term lawmaker.


As a result of the raid, Renzi is stepping down from his seat on the House Intelligence Committee, according to a statement from his office obtained Thursday evening by Roll Call.

Arizona lost its US Attorney, Paul Charlton, in the Department of Justice purge, and some think it was because he was investigatin Renzi. I’m glad to see something is still happening.

Update: The Arizona Republic story:

The Justice Department has been investigating Renzi for months, but the subject of the probe has never been made public. Media reports last fall gave conflicting versions, with authorities said to be looking into either a land swap involving a former business partner of Renzi’s or a Pentagon contract involving Renzi’s father, a retired Army general.

Fucking Pissed

Furious. Enraged. Fucking pissed. That’s how I felt today when I discovered that my uterus is more important than I am. The Supreme Court just told me, “Sure, bitch, die. You don’t count. We care about what’s in your uterus, not about you.” How can this be? The health of the mother is not a concern? Okay, I’m getting pissed again.

The odds are that I’ll never have children. I’m getting too old, and menopause will soon hit, so this may not impact ME, but I have family and friends who will get pregnant, and though they hope to have healthy babies, they may have to face some horrible decisions if all does not go well. Too bad if it does. Now they can’t make some decisions with their doctors.

You know, I’m thrilled I’ll never have a baby now. A pregnancy is not 100% safe, and now it’s even more dangerous. Healthcare is a joke in this country, and then there are the folks who think that me and my doctor are too stupid or immoral to come up with the right treatment for me in case of problems. God, I’m getting effing pissed again.

Here are a few personal stories from various sites. Take time to read the impact this law may have:

I’m furious, enraged, and fucking pissed.

Update: as I continue to find stories from people who have personal stories to tell, I’ll add them to this post.