My New Fave

I stumbled upon a video of Cat Power singing “Lived in Bars” (it must have been TBogg’s site – he keeps broadening my music listening), and kind of liked the song. It stuck in my mind, so I purchased from iTunes. The thing was, the album the song was on was going for a cheap $6.99. I decided to download the whole thing. Now I’m hooked.

I like female vocalists, but I stay away from music I call “Whiny Chick,” and Cat Power (Chan Marshall is her real name) comes mighty close to it. Maybe I’ve not found it so whiny because I really have a hard time understanding what words she’s singing. Yet, I love the sound of her voice and the accompanying music. As I am a music person first, and a lyrics person second, this works for me.

Today I downloaded her Covers album. She’s got a great cover of “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” that just kicks ass in its sly, slow way. Here’s some video of her singing. Maybe you’ll like her too.

Here’s some videos:

Lived in Bars



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