The Departed tonight

Wow.  I just watched The Departed on DVD.  This is one of those movies that I intended to see in the theaters but never made it, and now I wish I had. It’s wonderful, with a phenomenal cast and an intense story.  Martin Scorsese put together a great movie, and whether he won the Best Director award for this film or his lifetime filmography, who cares? He deserved it.

The funny thing about the plot is that I kept trying to figure out who would live or die, and the one character that I thought wouldn’t make it did live (I don’t want to give the plot away).  The rest were not so lucky.

The movie tonight was part of my “I deserve to take it easy today” day.  Yesterday I’d submitted my major paper in my other class, cleaned the house, and started my taxes (hey, doing homework all the time has delayed my normally early completion of this task). I even took the dogs out for a nice hike.  Today? Stayed in bed and read parts of my old favorite books, made tea, read some more, and now watched The Departed.  It’s a good day.


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