Sunday Morning Sigh

It’s a good sigh, that sigh of relaxation. It’s a sigh that I can lounge about in jammies, drinking my coffee and munching on the cinammon rolls that I baked (I’ll be munching on them all week – made way too much).

I’m rereading one of Lois McMaster Bujold’s novels that I bought in paperback the other day: The Hallowed Hunt. I’m also finishing up this unit’s homework, but most of it is done.  Somewhere today I’ll clean the house as part of my Weekly House Blessing (thank you, FlyLady!).  It’s not raining or snowing, and I expected that today, so may take the dogs out for a nice short hike.

So, in other words, I’m loving my lazy Sunday morning and do not expect to get very much done today, except head back to bed to finish reading the book.  I’m grabbing my coffee and remains of my cinammon roll serving, closing up the laptop, and heading to bed.

May your Sunday morning bring you those sighs of relaxation.  Aaaaaah.


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