When I read about the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech I can only ask, why? What makes someone do something so horrendous? It makes no sense to me. It also shakes up my feelings of security and safety.  It makes me realize that it is possible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time by no fault of mine. This disturbs me, because I usually like to believe that if one is smart enough and does not fall into a case of the stupids that death will wait until a nice old age.  I know better, but I still think this way.

I send my blessings to the family members who have to live through the tragedy, and for all the people at VT who are dealing with the aftermath.  I work at a university and it’s so easy to imagine it happening here.  My mom even called to make sure all was okay here at NAU. It was, but my mind kept plotting escape routes from my office on the chance I hear gunshots.

Once again, why?


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