God’s Oh-So-Convenient Plan?

Did you hear about the dad who was upset that his daughter’s teacher showed An Inconvenient Truth in class? He feels that there should be an opposing view offered, and in this hilarious interview with The Daily Show’s Jason Jones he gives one.   Crooks and Liars has the clip.  Go watch it….
Now that you’re back I have to tell you, if I didn’t have friends and family in my life who are decent, church-going Christians, I’d assume that all religious folks were nuts like this guy.  It’s hard to stay neutral about religion when so many folks are small-minded, mean, and creepy about their beliefs. Luckily, I do know some wonderful people who are not creepy, so I can’t make sweeping generalizations.  Still, there are moments when I wish the Rapture that all these folks are devoutly planning on would happen, so they’d all just go away.  The rest of us could get on with saving this lovely planet.


3 Responses to “God’s Oh-So-Convenient Plan?”

  1. lauriekendrick Says:

    Exactly. Enjoyed the post.


  2. azmutt Says:

    Yeah, as a devout Christian and believer that Jesus has saved my life, I do have to apologize to you for the way those Christian bastards behave…people like…

    Martin Luther King
    Mother Theresa
    C.S. Lewis
    William Wilberforce
    Florence Nightingale
    Thomas Aquinas
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    …and thousands more (included the big guy himself – Jesus Christ)
    …bastards one and all

    Yeah, I know that a lot has been said in done that’s been evil in the name of God in the history of the world. But when you look at all of the good, the humanitarian causes, the food banks, the Red Cross, the health care providers, the women’s shelters, the support systems, the care and love that is shown in our society (and in all of world history going way back) and how almost all of that has been done through faith-based groups….

    And then I read your sweeping statement about Christians (except for a few in your mind) that they should be swept out of your life so your life will be easier???? I’ll tell that to the amazing woman I met a few weeks ago down at the Chandler Christian Center who spends hours of her day just to hand out food boxes and clothing and toys to families barely making it …

    …that way you can get on with saving the planet…and live without the hope and peace that Jesus brings to every single one of us wackos in the Christian camps.

    Sorry, Erin, you just really hit a raw nerve with your latest…


  3. dilettanteville Says:

    Ah, but I did say that I can’t make sweeping generalizations because I do know people like you. It’s the crazy religious folks that I joked about getting rid of. I know that you don’t believe we should hurry the Rapture along, but there are obviously folks out there like that. Right?

    I see you as an example of what’s good about Christ, and those examples of yours are wonderful. So, why is it the fundamentalists who are considered mainstream Christian? I don’t believe they are, but they get all the air time. Face it, it’s folks like Pat Robertson and James Dobson who go on TV and represent your religion. This guy on the Daily Show clip also represents a certain chunk of Christianity. I don’t like what they represent, but like I said, it’s folks like you that stop me from making the generalization that ALL Christians are like that. I’m sorry that you interpreted my last statement that I wanted all Christians to go away, I just want the other ones to go away. You’ll note I didn’t say kill them or destroy them – no, have them have their Rapture.

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