Renzi Resigning?

Okay, so there’s been tons of good stuff to post about, but have I opened up this blog and posted? Of course not! Anyway, what I’m following closely out in blogland is the rumors of my congressman, Rick Renzi, possibly resigning.

From Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion:

The zeitgeist both in Phoenix and Washington is that Rick Renzi will be submitting his resignation from the House of Representatives by Friday.

I am so hoping these rumors are true. The further rumor is another interesting one:

A further bit of mitote has it that Ann Kirkpatrick will resign her seat in the legislature early next week and announce her campaign to replace Renzi.

I like Ann, and think she’d definitely win in Flagstaff, but even though she’s an Arizona gal — born in McNary and going to high school at Blue Ridge — will this play in other parts of the district? I’d certainly volunteer for her. I’ve known her for a long time. We volunteered together at the Democratic Party headquarters, for other Dem events, and even after elected she’s such a sweetie for volunteering to speak at our local DFA events.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the rumors are true. Getting rid of a sleazy, corrupt congressman, plus replacing him with someone who is decent and caring would make me a happy girl. And who knows? I might just post about it!


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