Thief of Baghdad

Thief of BaghdadWow. It’s a technicolor wonder. 1940’s Thief of Baghdad is a gorgeous film to watch. The sets and costumes are very fancy, and even the special effects, 1940 style, are fun to watch. The acting is blocky, but Sabu as the young thief, keeps things fun. Conrad Veidt gets to play the evil Jaffar who uses magic and his wiles to remove King Ahmad from power. Ahmad is played by John Justin, a very pasty and British-looking king of Baghdad. June Duprez is the beautiful princess who is an object of Ahmad’s love and Jaffar’s lust. It’s what young DilettanteVille really gets a kick out of; being older Dilettanteville I can enjoy it for what it was.

It’s holding up very well. The genie has just been released. Ooh, Sabu is about to get stomped on by the giant genie.  Nicely done, even with that old style of doing special effects. Here’s the scene:


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