The Hills are Alive

I completed my first day of Bike to Work Week and I survived the full 3 miles round trip.  Not many miles, huh? I hope to increase the distance,  but I think my first goal is to conquer the hill by the Lumberjack Dome on campus.  You know that downhill part I wrote about this morning?  Well, it’s uphill going the other way. I had to walk the bike up that darn hill.  In fine actress fashion I started examining my bike and reclipping my bag on the bike rack anytime a car would go by. I hope they thought I was standing by my bike, not because I couldn’t pedal up the hill, but because I was correcting a problem with the bike.  You think I fooled them?

You know what I noticed when I drove home the rest of the way? There are hills everywhere! Some are small, some are not. I even noticed that if I ever get the lung and leg power up to full commute level that I will have to face a long incline from the start. Man, so tell me why I thought that bike commuting was a good idea?


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    […] a conference I was involved in, I didn’t try again until this past Friday.  You know that hill I complained about before?  Well, I managed to make it both ways without walking the bike.  Amazing. I don’t know if I […]

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