Wheezy Me

I did it.  I rode into work on my bike!  Of course, I drove my bike to work, and only rode across campus, but still!  And may I say that today I noticed that our campus has too many hills.  I never noticed them before.  I didn’t make it up one and had to walk my bike — the horror!

Anyway, my wheezing is calming down, but dang, it may be time to get some more Albuterol for my rare cases of asthma! Hills = asthma. Um… okay, let me be accurate here: uphill = asthma.


One Response to “Wheezy Me”

  1. DilettanteVille The Hills are Alive « Says:

    […] to conquer the hill by the Lumberjack Dome on campus.  You know that downhill part I wrote about this morning?  Well, it’s uphill going the other way. I had to walk the bike up that darn hill.  In fine […]

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