What a special feeling! There I am, reading this new book that one of our instructors, Laura Gray-Rosendale, had just had published. Laura is one of the sweetest instructors around, and I hope to take a class with her this fall, so I went on over to Laura’s book tour luncheon about two weeks ago. She was gracious enough to autograph her new book: Pop Perspectives: Readings to Critique Contemporary Culture.

So, as I said, I’m reading it, and I’m one of those folks who do like to read the acknowledgments, especially if I might see some names of people I know. Well, dilettante that I am, imagine my surprise to see my name on the list of acknowledgments! In fact, not only me, but some other co-workers were mentioned, plus our department was also listed. Yes, it was a long list, but still, this is a book they’ll be using in the ENG 105 classes here. I’m immortalized!

Best of all, it looks like a great book. There’s some rhetoric lessons, plus tons of interesting readings covering literature, sports, TV, music, movies, business, politics. This is a book I’m going to enjoy, and it is definitely a keeper — after all, how many chances do we have to see our name in print? I must acknowledge — I didn’t expect it! 😉


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