Al Gore’s Computer Set-Up

Time Cover with Al Gore

Okay, I have to post this just because it made me laugh. Al Gore is the cover story for the upcoming Time magazine, right? What does one DailyKos reader notice? It’s Al Gore’s computer set-up. Me? I just noticed that his desk was a tad messy, which I can certainly relate to.

Al Gore at desk with computers

Poor cookiesandmilk at Kos is salivating:

First, he has three Apple 30″ LCDs. Since Al Gore is on the Board of Directors at Apple Inc, you can bet your bottom dollar he gets them at a discount price. (Like Free-Ninety-Free!)

Factoid: He probably had to add another vid card since the stock mac pro can “only” drive two 30″ LCDs.

Let’s see what else….

The TEEEVEEE prob. has his TV Network on.

That is one honkin’ printer underneath the LCDs.

He probably has a Mac Pro under there too since I doub’t he would use a Dell seeing as how he is all Appley on stuff.

Let’s see what else….what else… OK great minds think alike since my desk looks much like his….

I have no evidence to back this up but I bet he is a BIG Arrested Development fan. (Ok that was just my gratoitus AD refernce. STEVE HOLT!)

There’s more, and cookiesandmilk at least feels that she at least tops Al in the chair department. Assault on Reason by Al Gore

All I know, this is one Time magazine I’ll have to buy. I’m also thinking of picking up Al’s new book that is coming out this week, The Assault on Reason.

Yes, I am an Al Gore fan. If he entered the presidential race I’d volunteer in an instant. After all, he won in 2000 — he is due big time.


6 Responses to “Al Gore’s Computer Set-Up”

  1. dawn Says:

    That looks like a laser printer under his desk, not the tower. But I’m salivating over his monitors. Man oh man oh man…

  2. devdaslover Says:

    Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to you

  3. Al Gore « Diretório Says:

    […] eletricidade… Pra começar, num “modesto” computador… com TRÊS monitores de 30 polegadas (!) cada um (fornecidos pela Apple, onde Gore é conselheiro). Alguém precisa de tudo […]

  4. Joe Salary Says:

    Isn’t he supposed to be green???? Think of the power those monitors are sucking. Plus all the paper there. Come on Al, your supposed to minimize your footprint here. I understand you need to do business but at least appear it.

  5. Dan Says:

    Fabulous…photo and …interior!!!
    I love the mess… the monitors…the frog…!!!

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