In a Galaxy Not So Far Away — Star Wars Blogathon

Man, I do feel old.  Sure I hit the dance floor last night as a buxom beauty in Second Life (I’ve never qualified as a buxom beauty), and strutted my stuff, but I just realized how OLD I really am — Star Wars (do I really need to link to the film so you’ll know what movie I’m talking about?) turned 30 today.  Good googly-moogly.

I was one of those Star Wars geeks who saw it time and again in the movie theater when it opened in 1977.   My sister had seen it and loved it, and dragged a not-so-reluctant me to the Cine Capri to see the film.  I was hooked.  I wasn’t the only one.

Edward Copeland on Film has organized a Star Wars Blogathon.  Lots of bloggers, who wax poetically about film, have written up some fun blog postings.  Check it out.  There’s posts on watching the next generation discover the movie, philosophical treatises on Greedo shooting first, and even similarities found between Revenge of the Sith and 1963’s Cleopatra!


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