My New Cheap Addiction

Sheesh.  I don’t intend it to be cheap, but for some reason I can’t upgrade my Second Life membership.  I can’t even put some money in my account.  I’m telling ya, this is driving me crazy.  I’m ready to do some shopping, but can only do the window type of shopping.

Anyway, I find Second Life interesting.  I’d seen it demonstrated at a conference on education and technology this last week. I wasn’t too involved with the presentation (I was checking email and help tickets, and doing a little web surfing), when the presenter mentioned that you can design clothing and other neat stuff.  My interest piqued, I’ve been exploring the place trying to  learn how to do stuff.  I’ve also found some neat web sites.  My favorites so far are about the clothing and hair:

Linden Lifestyles

Savoir Hair 

SL Fashion Victim

Yeah, me, who thinks wearing sweats is a dandy fashion statement, really loves this stuff.   Let’s see if this will end up a short-lived addiction, or an obssession that spans eons.


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