Such Excitement

Spencer, my fractious little Corgi, has missed Han. Losing Han gives Spencer his first opportunity to live as the only dog, and not as one of two dogs. It hasn’t been easy. He’s found that the cat, Lulu, does not want to play tug-of-war over a stuffed dog toy. Luckily, I play with him.

Worried that Spencer is moping, I gave him more walks, however short they were, this week than he’s ever had any other week. Tonight Spencer had more fun than we both expected.

I just took him down the small dirt road in front of my place. It’s not a long walk, but if I get away from the  nearby major road I can take his leash off. Tonight he trotted along by me with a few mad dashes all about. Suddenly, nature occurred: a rabbit popped into view, ran across the dirt road, and up the hill.  Spencer, after a second of shock, took off after him.

I’m yelling at Spencer to stop, but he’s not listening. He’s on a mission. I feel a touch of panic as I think that Spencer will disappear up the hill and not return any time soon. Hah! Did I mention that Spencer is a Corgi? Speedy rabbit vs. a Corgi with three-inch legs — let’s just say that the poor little bunny had nothing to worry about. Spencer didn’t get very far before he lost sight of the rabbit. Spence happily returned to my side with a few backward glances at where he “almost” cornered the rabbit.

I think that Spencer is going to like taking these short walks on a regular basis. Such excitement to be had.


Getting There

The “There” I refer to is the completion of my five-week class.  Three units to go by Tuesday, and if all goes well I’ll wrap it up by tomorrow afternoon. Whoo hoo!

Um…I guess that means I should get back to it, doesn’t it? Darn.

Goodbye Han

Owning a pet is a wonderful experience, especially when you have a dog like Han. Han, with a huge, thick coat of yellow hair, and a disposition so sweet. Han who allows my niece and nephew to crawl all over him, Han who barks only when necessary, Han who allows smaller dogs to boss him around (poor thing, scared of my mom’s tiny Lhasa Apso — Han never gets to be top dog), Han who rests his head on my knee to let me know it’s petting time, and Han–named for Han Solo–who has been losing strength in his legs these last few years.

Today I had to put my sweet Han down.

Making that decision to take Han’s life has niggled at me this year. Han was over 13 years old, and sometimes he couldn’t walk very well. One night, several months ago, he couldn’t walk more than a few steps before falling down. The next day? He’s trotting beside me as we go for a walk.

I kept wondering would I know when the time is right. Yesterday, while at the vet with Spencer, I talked to Dr. Liz about Han. How do you know when an old, infirm, beloved dog needs to go? She gave me a good way to think of it — does he seem worn out or is the percentage of time when things are good much less than the percentage of the bad times? Han qualified for both.

So yesterday I made the decision that it was Han’s time. I looked at my calendar and decided that later next week would allow me plenty of time to give Han the “puppy love” that he needed before the end. I came home last night, looked at him, and told him I loved him (oh, and cried too). I also said, “Han, I hope this is right. If there’s something you can do to let me know I’m making the right decision it would make this easier.” An hour later he couldn’t walk anymore. See, isn’t he sweet? He made it easier for me, silly dog.

So, Han, I love you and thank the universe that you were part of my life. Goodbye, sweetpea.

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Foxtails are Not Fun

Just got Spencer back from the vet. They had to put him under to pull a foxtail out of his ear. Jimminy crickets, what a pain — for Spencer and for me. I feel bad that I didn’t get him in over the weekend when I first noticed his head shaking, and Spencer feels bad because his eardrum ruptured. Yeesh.  The vets say it will heal, but I’m upset. Poor Spencer.  Mean foxtails.

Russian Sean Connery

Tonight’s movie on DVD is Hunt for Red October. There’s nothing like a noble acting, Scottish-accented, Russian sub commander. Sean Connery rules.  Alec Baldwin ain’t so bad either.

Space Geeks and Me

Time to take a break from homework and what is the best way to do that? Why show you more Second Life pictures!

My new passion for Second Life makes me wonder if starting a blog that is all Second Life all the time might not be a bad idea. I’ll continue to muse on that one. Meanwhile, you’re stuck with my obsession.

So yesterday, I attended a special event in Second Life: a space ship flyover held as part of a sci-fi expo. I wondered what to wear. Could I get away with the Star Trek uniform sitting in my clothing inventory or would I offend someone by wearing it? Do I dress futuristic? Do I go for a bold, alien look? My decision was for the bold, alien look:

Ms. Singh dressed for the space ship flyover

My goodness! That dress, called Auntie Elsie and bought at Artilleri, just moves so nicely. Pictures can’t show you how things float and twirl. I’d purposely turn around just to watch my skirt twirl up and more petticoat show itself. Damn, I am a Barbie at heart!

My bold appearance did seem out of place with all the people in Star Trek uniforms, but I enjoyed wearing my summer frock to watch all kinds of ships fly around. Hey, I wonder how many other spectators got a personal tour of a Defiant-class starship by a handsome, young captain? Girly works.

Here’s some more shots of those space ships flying over. Can you tell what’s going on? Nah, neither can I.

Space ships in Second Life

More ships

Monday Blues

It’s not the blues from going to work; I don’t have to go to work today. The blues arise from sitting once more at my computer for 6 to 10 hours of completing homework for my five-week summer class. That class finishes next Monday and my blues will float away.

I’m tired of sitting at the computer, I’m tired of reading textbooks, and I’m tired of not enjoying any goof-off time due to guilt over the undone homework. Sigh.  Yes, I have goofed off, but I can’t wait until next week when only one class holds my focus and time expands to include doing nothing except goofing off.