Second Life Obsession

This obsession with Second Life will have to take a backseat starting next week: I start two summer classes. Sigh. It’s probably a good thing. I have spent way too much time exploring the wonders of Second Life. Of course, the main wonder is that I can change my looks with a few clicks of the mouse — ah, if only it was that easy in real life. Now, I’m starting to create stuff.

Last night I made some so-so earrings. I have to give credit to Natalia who has created some great tutorials and newbie guides. Her information helped me discover all kinds of freebies. Last night I used her instructions on playing with “prims” (short for primitives) to create some earrings. Today it will be shoes.

Anyway, I’ve got some images of how I look in Second Life (often referred to as SL). Once I understood the difference between a”shape” and a “skin” it became fun to come up with different faces and bodies with different freebie skins to make them look different. I’ve also purchased a few items. Hey, when your body is a lithesome beauty, you can’t help but buy things for it! I’m telling you, it’s Better than Barbie!

Here’s some images that I took from probably my third day in SL. I had picked up some freebies, including the outfit, but I had just bought the hair. I’m very attracted to black hair as that’s a color that I’ve never been.

Here I am at Gurl 6 with my first purchased hair. It appealed to my sense of humor, and went so well with sunglasses. I will never look like this in REAL life.

First Hair at Gurl 6

Later that night I bought a new outfit and some rockin’ boots:

Blue Dragon outfit with boots

Since that night of pictures I haven’t taken any shots. Then last night I decided to try the Snapshot tool to better effect. I tried a new look on (all free except for the boots that I had purchased – see above shot) and found myself at Selby. I also tried using some of the poses that I had picked up in freebie packages:

Silver and Purple at Selby

Here I am at a place called Serenite. I love this shape and skin, and I’m wearing part of the outfit that I bought that other night. And look! I’m wearing my first pair of earrings that I made:

At Serenite with Homemade Earrings

I heard that some men are quite likely to approach female avatars with a “Hey, sexy,” but it never happened until I went a certain hair color. You can guess what color, right? They do say that blondes have more fun, but daaaamn. A pair of faded jeans, a little tank top, and a sexy-walk override (all freebies), and I was all that and more:

Blondie at Robin’s Nest

By the way, that was a Hangman game that I’m posing next to. Yes, I won when I played. It’s at Robin’s Nest. There’s also a Sudoku game, and some other fun stuff, plus a nice jacuzzi spa.

For those of you who know me, know that I look NOTHING like any of these gals. That’s what makes it so fun. I can go shopping for shoes with high heels and not worry about sore feet. If my butt looks too big in an outfit I can hit the butt slider at Appearances and minimize that baby. If an outfit looks better with smaller or larger breasts I can do that. Man, what we all look like in real life if we could do that? Actually, it’s a good thing. In Second Life you can’t fall over if your boobs are too big. The law of physics doesn’t get in the way of going for certain “stripper looks” (she says with a sniff). Yeah, some of those shoes would not be worn in daily life — our feet couldn’t survive, but in Second Life? Ten-inch heels, baby!

Okay, I have some real life things to do today, but I also need to try my hand at shoe-making. Who knows? Maybe I can come up with some great stripper shoes…as long as I don’t have to wear them.


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