I Hate Homework – Unless It Is in Second Life

What an obvious statement: I hate homework. Is there anyone out there who loves homework? I have a four-day weekend, but due to that 5-week summer class, there’s not much fun stuff scheduled. I have to go see Surf’s Up to write a review tonight, but the other days? It’s about reading textbooks, doing the exercises, and reading tons of comments in the online classes (I do love online classes).

So, on Friday, I did so much more homework than I had scheduled for that day, and I decided to visit Second Life to participate in some — hard to believe I decided to do this — classes. I attended some “prim” (short for primitive) classes. You can make an earring or a house out of prims. It’s amazing and addictive.

I only ended up making some more hoop earrings and a bracelet that looked a little too primitive, but hey, I made them. I tried to work on making hair, but I need lots of practice on that, and with my homework schedule it may not happen for another week.

Here are some more pics of me in Second Life.

This is my first pair of roman sandals that I made (thanks to Natalia’s helpful guides). I messed up when trying to adjust one of the prims, but it’s not too obvious, so I wear them:

The first pair of shoes that I made in Second Life

I had heard about a Die Hard IV exhibit at Silverscreen, one of the sims, in Second Life (SL). Bruce Willis had joined SL one night, with his specially created avatar, to discuss the upcoming movie. Appearance Mode has the info on how it all happened. I explored the area several days later, but I got some great shots. It’s me in an action movie!

First I must jump from this exploding helicopter! I didn’t even twist an ankle.

Die Hard Exhibit with Exploding Helicopter

Surviving the helicopter of doom I find myself facing a rather unexpected traffic problem:

Die Hard EXhibit with Raging Semi

I “bought” some new skin (Gala’s Medium – Shale) and look pretty darn nice, if I say so myself. I decided to go redhead and casual, and explored some other areas. Here’s me at the beach, relaxing and enjoying a beautiful sunset.

At the Beach

Here’s another shot of me posing for the camera. I think this is Paradise Beach, but I keep forgetting the names of the places that I visit, so don’t count on it.

Redhead Posing

Okay, so I’m not so good with the Snapshot tool, but I’ll improve. As for improving, this is the one feature that I wish we had in Real Life, and not just in Second Life: the Appearance tool. I can use those sliders to change my shape. Here I am, adjusting my butt size.
Appearance Adjusting in Second Life

Believe it or not, but sometimes a bigger butt looks better in certain outfits!

Anyway, I have postponed starting my homework for today, so must get back to it. But yeah, I’d much rather solve the Second Life homework instead of writing up solutions for my editing class. Ah, the delayed pleasures of studenthood. Sigh.


2 Responses to “I Hate Homework – Unless It Is in Second Life”

  1. speedtype Says:

    I hate homework too..who doesn’t. But i wouldnt want them to ban homework..coz that will make my other classmates get more time. I get my homework done online through other experts. lol, i know it sux, but oh well.. i m free .. my classmates are not. It always make them wonder how the heck i finish my hw..

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  2. Sea Cat Says:

    I don’t hate or like homework, but it gives me a good feeling when I finish it, and I like the results

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