Surf’s Up is a Surprise

I don’t know what I expected, probably another inexperienced young man with plenty of heart and gumption who must compete against the egotistical long-time winner in a final competition. With Surf’s Up we get that, but what a surprise, it’s a clever movie. I bet adults will enjoy it more than the kiddies. Oh, and it’s not a young man, but a young penguin with plenty of heart and gumption.

Surf’s Up does play with the usual animated conventions, and once again, it’s about penguins (face it, they are so fun to watch), but the writers decided to use a smart angle with the film: they made it a mockumentary. We even have the film crew get involved in the action. Lots of stuff brings a smile to your face, and the story offers some great moments, plus the surfing scenes are joyous to watch.

Anyway, look for my detailed review in about two weeks, though I think I’ll use some of what I wrote here. Don’t blow the movie off as another kiddie movie — go see it.


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