Explorations in Another Life

Second Life provides way too much fun for me. Why I can enjoy dressing up avatars and sending them off to explore Second Life is beyond me. I just get a kick out of it. So, here’s some pictures of my avatar exploring just a few places in Second Life.

Most of the places are rather cheesy and sleazy, with lots of stuff for sale, but some come out so clever. It’s fun to think that there are people who design and build these places for folks like me to explore. My first spot is near and dear to my geeky heart: Starfleet Command.

Star Fleet Command

Isn’t that cute? The fish are named Kirk and Spock. Okay, I admit it–I loved it–hey, I’m a Star Trek freak. There’s a Star Trek Museum, and even better there’s George and Gracie, the whale exhibit:

There Be Whales Here

You remember George and Gracie don’t you? Yes, the whales from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Obviously this is where the whales found a home.

I couldn’t resist. I had to buy it:

Me in Uniform

Lt. Commander Singh at your service!

A close up of the uniform:

Star Trek Uniform in Second Life

I wanted to purchase the uniform from the original series, but skirts fit funny in Second Life, so stuck with the Next Generation version.

Speaking of skirts, I’m wearing a cute little number here:

Red Number

See? Skirts can be a problem. I kept trying to adjust the skirt to fit my body, then I’d try to adjust my body to fit the skirt, but can’t seem to make it look right. Wearing my new outfit, I explored Linden Village. The Lindens are the creators of Second Life. For more information, and another blogger talking about Linden Village read about Natalia’s visit.

Here I am at the welcoming square on Linden Village:

Lounging at Linden

Hmmm….do I look a little trampy in that outfit in that pose? Naaaaaaah.

I came across Magellan’s crash site on Columbia. I gather Magellan was the original explorer who first set off from the mainland to find new continents. Magellan found land alright:

Magellan Crash at Columbia in Second Life

I was rather shaken up at the sight:

Me at Magellan

Okay, this post is getting very long, but there are two more places I must mention. Due to Natalia’s post about the Virtual Starry Night I had to go visit. Oh my god. What a beautiful exhibit. All Van Gogh paintings should be seen this way.

Van Gogh exhibit in Second Life - Bridge

That’s me standing on the bridge that is depicted in the picture that I’m looking at. And yes, it is raining, just as it is in the picture. So totally cool.

That’s not all, not only can you view the pictures, you can enter them. Check this out:

The Night Cafe in Second Life

I’m in Van Gogh’s “The Night Cafe.” Isn’t it gorgeous? I visited the exhibit store where they were selling t-shirts with images of Van Gogh’s paintings. They also had flower bouquets based on his still-lifes (yes, I had to buy some). I loved the whole exhibit and surroundings so much that I didn’t want to leave. I sat myself down and just enjoyed the outdoor cafe based on another Van Gogh painting. I even had me some shrimp cocktail:

Van Gogh exhibit in Second Life - Cafe

I did leave the Starry Night exhibit and then headed off to another place that I heard was gorgeous: The Lost Gardens of Apollo. Oh my. That place is something. I love the way you can take a tour of all the sites on a magic carpet, and that when you do teleport someplace you sit in a chair that zooms to the location. Very clever. I don’t think any pictures could do it justice, but here’s just one that I snapped:

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Well, I’ll have too much to do this week in my First Life to really do more travelling in Second Life, but I’ll see what other fun shots I can take if I do stumble upon something neat. I’m just having too much fun in this whole other Life.


4 Responses to “Explorations in Another Life”

  1. Sharon Says:

    That’s great!! I can’t wait to go to the van gogh exhibit!

  2. xplanta Says:

    Could I have your permission to use your shrimp cocktail van gogh to illustrate a post I have advertising a plant salon on my website, http://www.xplanta.com. No one ever comes to my salon so it seemed too appropriate. I would, of course, link the art back to you.


  3. dilettanteville Says:


    Please feel free to use the image with credit. Will your readers know that it’s from Second Life? 😉

  4. xplanta Says:

    You must understand that I’m a simple ethnobotanist living in the jungle in Mexico and I don’t have a clue what second life is beyond what I just read on wikipedia. And I still don’t know.

    I’m going to head down the road to drink a cerveza and eat a shrimp cocktail while trying to figure it all out.

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