Nancy Drew Screwed

The First Nancy Drew Novel

I’m sorry. You don’t mess with my childhood memories of my favorite girl detective. She was smart, pretty, and could figure out the mystery of a moss-covered mansion, solve a curse of a black orchid, or find the secret in an old attic. I so wanted to be Nancy Drew. My dad was a defense attorney just like Nancy’s but I never seemed to stumble into mysterious goings-on (it was always handy that Nancy’s dad, Carson Drew, seemed to have a case or a trip that would take Nancy and her friends to where they needed to go to solve the mysteries).

I just got back from the Nancy Drew movie. The filmmakers so messed with Nancy that it would take a very clever and good movie to make me forgive how they treat her. It’s not a clever and good movie.  Where did they get the idea that Nancy was a Martha Stewart type? The prissy quality is unbelievable. Plus, they make her a fish out of water who seems stuck in time. Oh please.

I still have some Nancy Drew books on my bookshelf. I have such fond memories of reading them. Some of the books were printed in the 1940s; the rest in the 1960s. I wanted to see that Nancy: spunky, outgoing, athletic, and always able to notice something mysterious.


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