Space Geeks and Me

Time to take a break from homework and what is the best way to do that? Why show you more Second Life pictures!

My new passion for Second Life makes me wonder if starting a blog that is all Second Life all the time might not be a bad idea. I’ll continue to muse on that one. Meanwhile, you’re stuck with my obsession.

So yesterday, I attended a special event in Second Life: a space ship flyover held as part of a sci-fi expo. I wondered what to wear. Could I get away with the Star Trek uniform sitting in my clothing inventory or would I offend someone by wearing it? Do I dress futuristic? Do I go for a bold, alien look? My decision was for the bold, alien look:

Ms. Singh dressed for the space ship flyover

My goodness! That dress, called Auntie Elsie and bought at Artilleri, just moves so nicely. Pictures can’t show you how things float and twirl. I’d purposely turn around just to watch my skirt twirl up and more petticoat show itself. Damn, I am a Barbie at heart!

My bold appearance did seem out of place with all the people in Star Trek uniforms, but I enjoyed wearing my summer frock to watch all kinds of ships fly around. Hey, I wonder how many other spectators got a personal tour of a Defiant-class starship by a handsome, young captain? Girly works.

Here’s some more shots of those space ships flying over. Can you tell what’s going on? Nah, neither can I.

Space ships in Second Life

More ships


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