Such Excitement

Spencer, my fractious little Corgi, has missed Han. Losing Han gives Spencer his first opportunity to live as the only dog, and not as one of two dogs. It hasn’t been easy. He’s found that the cat, Lulu, does not want to play tug-of-war over a stuffed dog toy. Luckily, I play with him.

Worried that Spencer is moping, I gave him more walks, however short they were, this week than he’s ever had any other week. Tonight Spencer had more fun than we both expected.

I just took him down the small dirt road in front of my place. It’s not a long walk, but if I get away from the  nearby major road I can take his leash off. Tonight he trotted along by me with a few mad dashes all about. Suddenly, nature occurred: a rabbit popped into view, ran across the dirt road, and up the hill.  Spencer, after a second of shock, took off after him.

I’m yelling at Spencer to stop, but he’s not listening. He’s on a mission. I feel a touch of panic as I think that Spencer will disappear up the hill and not return any time soon. Hah! Did I mention that Spencer is a Corgi? Speedy rabbit vs. a Corgi with three-inch legs — let’s just say that the poor little bunny had nothing to worry about. Spencer didn’t get very far before he lost sight of the rabbit. Spence happily returned to my side with a few backward glances at where he “almost” cornered the rabbit.

I think that Spencer is going to like taking these short walks on a regular basis. Such excitement to be had.


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