Homework Not So Blues

Whoo hoo! I finished up that nasty summer class and my time schedule just opened up nicely. I managed to get an “A” but I admit that at one point this weekend I seriously thought about settling for a “B” — I could have finished on Saturday. Instead, I did more work on Sunday, got my “A” and now I’m sitting back relaxing…until I start doing the work that I’ve missed in my other class (it moves at a more leisurely pace though, and I should catch up by this weekend with only an hour or so each night).

I didn’t work ALL weekend on that class. After about five or so hours on Saturday I finished up a class unit and decided to have fun. So, what’s a gal to do on a Saturday night after sitting all day in front of a computer? Why go dancing…while sitting in front of a computer. Here I am having fun dancing salsa with a group of folks in Second Life. It sounds so silly, but I had a blast.

Dancing in Second Life

It’s amazing how well we all did dancing the exact same steps! 😉


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