Travels and Travails in Second Life

Now that my one summer class is over I have something that I have lusted over since early June: time to work on some building skills in Second Life (SL). Sure, I’ve made a few things, but I want to improve my skills in SL.

I’ve futzed around and built a thing here and there. Here’s a bench with satin cushions that I created between jags of homework:

My bench in SL

Hey, it’s a start…right?

Since I completed the class early by finishing up yesterday instead of tonight, I treated myself to some clothing building classes in SL. Here I am wearing the avatar clothing template that clothing designers use in graphics software:

wearing the avatar clothing template

Hey, I learned how it’s done. I don’t have Photoshop, but I downloaded GIMP, a free graphics editing software. Using Natalia’s tutorial, plus what I learned in the class, I made my first shirt. Oh baby:

My first shirt in Second Life

Not bad, huh? Well, the sleeves look funny. I only used the Path Cut to design the neckline. I decided to do another shirt with a narrower sleeve, a deeper scoop in the back, and a little more style. Well, here’s the result:

My second shirt in Second Life

Hey, I’m getting there. This is so easy….

Not so fast. There’s a reason that good clothing in SL costs. ‘Cause bad clothing is so easy:

Not so good clothing design in Second Life

Yep, you have to make sure things line up nicely. This means no fuzzy-eyed mouse driving! I’ve seen plenty of freebie clothing with these kinds of problems, now I know why–it’s hard to cut away the correct parts of a shirt.

So I’m not perfect. That I already knew. At least in SL I can look like this:

Blondie dressed to reveal in Second Life

May I say that I do not have, nor never had, an outfit hanging in my closet like this one. Nope, never. By the way, I made the rug that you’re looking at (yes, I’ve rented a place in Second Life — I am a dweeb).

Tonight was a great night. Learning something fun and trying to apply it made the time fly. Since I’m in such a good mood let me share one last image. It’s part of a group of pictures I put together as an entry in a modeling contest. The judges were looking for great Asian avatars. I had to enter, after all, how often will I get a chance to enter a modeling contest (I keep giggling at the thought). Here’s a bathing suit photo similar to the one I submitted:

Bathing Beauty


2 Responses to “Travels and Travails in Second Life”

  1. Tracy Olmstead Says:

    Nice clothing work, stay with it you have a great eye and strike wonderful poses as well.

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