Model? Me?

Second Life offers so many opportunities. What kind of opportunities? How about me getting the chance to be a runway model? Yeah, hard to believe. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but I made it past the first round of the Faces of Asia contest. The final contestants get to be in a Second Life fashion show.

When I read about the contest I had to do it. I love my asian avatar and feel I created a great, real “shape” in a world where unreality exists. To enter the contest I had to submit five photos: casual, close-up, formal, free expression, and swim suit. So, I thought I’d show you what I did, plus info on clothes and hair.

I tried all kinds of things to get some different looks, wearing different hair and skins, and using different poses. I wanted the casual to show up as very different than the formal.

My first photo is the casual pic. I’m wearing some freebie cutoffs, a Cami Cooper t-shirt that is part of the Camo Girl outfit, and some Lo-Top Kool Kicks Desert Camo sneakers. My hair is Airy by ETD and the skin is one of the bunch of freebie skins from Sin Skins – the Fresh Stratus skin (skin deserves a whole post of its own).

Casual outfit for Contest

Now I had to come up with something for a close-up. What hair, make-up, and shirt should I wear and what angle of my face would look good?

I decided to wear the Black-Jet Salsa hairstyle from Sirena and use the Stratus Sultry Plain skin from Sin Skins for a more made up eye, but not too intense a lip. I’m also wearing the Blue Dragon shirt. I’m not sure where I bought the shirt, which is part of an outfit that I love. As for the angle of the shot, I decided to do something a little from the side. I love my nose and wanted to show it off.

Close-up for Contest

The next shot was easy. I knew exactly what dress I wanted to wear for the formal picture: the Sabrina gown I had bought at Sirena. I’d shown it off earlier when I wrote about trying to do an Audrey Hepburn avatar. So, that’s easy. I also thought the Chloe style, also bought at Sirena, had the elegance to match the dress. This is also from the Black pack – it’s the Midnight Black color. The shoes are the Esperanto from Gracile. The earrings and gloves came with the dress. Now, the make-up, or skin, is Sin Skins‘ Sultry Red.

Formal for Contest

Am I gorgeous, or what? I’d taken the other shots around Second Life, but the formal gown was so gorgeous that I wanted a background that didn’t interfere with the dress. I kept looking for something solid where I wouldn’t be bothered by other people, but didn’t have any luck. Then it dawned on me; I can build anything in Second Life — why not a backdrop? So one stretched out cube later I had a red backdrop.

The next shot is the Free Expression. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I decided to do something fun. I returned to the Virtual Starry Night exhibit and sat out at the cafe. I put on the Blue Dragon shirt and pants and my favorite shoes: ETD’s Calf Boots. The skin is, once again, Sin Skin — this time the Navy Shimmer. The hair is the Salsa style I wore above.

Free Expression for Contest

My next one is the one I struggled with; the Swim Suit picture. What would make a good suit, where should I take it? I scouted beaches and shopped for a perfect suit. I bought several suits, but wanted something that had some oomph. I found the Red Leopard suit at the House of Nyla. Wearing another of Natalia’s (Natalia Zelmanov is the owner of Sirena, plus she has a wonderful blog about Second Life) hair creations, the Leilani with a color-changing flower. I headed to the beach and got this shot:

Swim Suit for Contest

I loved my choice of the sunlight for this shot. It makes the black hair with the red lips and suit really pop. Finding the right pose was also fun. It’s a little naughty and a little shy at the same time.

For the second round, which about 25 of us still have to go through, we meet the designers of the fashion show. It’s all of ten minutes, but they want to see how we look “in-person” and what kind of personality we have. I’m trying to figure out where I can buy a personality in Second Life. 😉

I’ll keep you posted on my attempts at becoming a runway model. Oh oh, giggles are starting again. Me? A model?


3 Responses to “Model? Me?”

  1. dawn Says:

    She looks very busty in that first shot. Did she grow a few sizes?

    Love the hair in that one. Very cool.

    And of course the Hepburn dress is a winner.

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    It’s the clothes. The designer has the fading and shadowing in such a way that it makes the shirt look stretched across larger breasts. With the way so many avatars have the sliders set for the chest, waist, and hip area, I’m a little out of the norm with my less than large chest. Hey, just like real life! 😉

  3. Catherine Chenille Says:

    WOW! I will be so surprised if you don’t win! What a bod, and (pouty) face in the first shot. My favorite is the free expression — you look so cool and comfortable in the frenzied Van Gogh setting. And, oh such an elegant gown and great hairdo!
    You are gorgeous!

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