Weather Relief

Our heat wave broke yesterday when blessed clouds rolled in and sent water falling from the sky. I hear they call this “rain.” I like rain. I want rain. I desire more rain.

We may get some more today and I’m cheering the possibility on. It’s important that when the clouds show up that we just don’t have thunderstorms — we need the rain to go with it. Thunderstorms only with no rain means lightning hitting the dry forest. The rain is the protection from any lightning strike getting too out of hand. As I live right next to a forest, this is important to me.

Does it mean our annual rainy season, which we call monsoons, is beginning? This is the time of year when it happens. Normally, when I return from the annual conference I go to each summer, the temperatures are lower, the rains are rolling in each day, and monsoon season has officially started. It also means that my flight back to Flagstaff will not go smoothly.  Well, this week is the conference week, and though heading off to Boston is exciting, I’m also looking forward to wet weather when I return.


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