I Hate Flying

Especially when I have to take an early flight, like this morning’s 7:oo a.m. flight.  Since I’m typing this up at 7:58 you can probably guess what happened. I missed the flight. Sigh. They closed the ticket counter at 6:33 and I walked in at 6:35.  When you live in a smaller town like Flagstaff that means you’re out of luck, even there was plenty of people boarding. But if the person who gives you your boarding pass is loading people on the plane then she’s not available to give you your boarding pass.

So, the bright side? I get to go to work for the morning!  Whoo hoo!  Yes, that was sarcasm. Actually, the bright side is that my flight, though later, is a direct flight from Phoenix to Boston. I won’t have a layover at Washington, DC, like my compatriots who made this morning’s flight, so I’ll be in airports for a shorter time. I won’t get into Boston until after 11:00 tonight, but as that’s only 8:00 my time this could work out.

Still, it would have been nice to have been five minutes earlier.


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