Boston Wandering

My feet throb with pain. But who cares? I’ve been walking around Boston, exploring areas close to my hotel. Man, is this a great place — or at least the places I explored were great.

I wandered from the Sheraton to see if I could find the Back Bay Fens. Don’t ask me, it’s some kind of watery thingie. As a product of dry Arizona, I must go look at watery thingies. The fen was a pretty canal like area with greenery and people walking their dogs. Very nice. My next goal? The Charles River, which was definitely a water thingie.

My little map showed me the way. Just cross these few roads and I should find the river. Okay, the problem is, there’s this one little thing called the Massachusetts Turnpike — finding a pedestrian walkway to cross seemed impossible. I continued to attempt going down different roads, when lo and behold and hallelujah. No, I didn’t find a way across; I found Fenway Park. It was a few blocks over, but it was Fenway. Wow. I stood and looked at it for a moment or two, and decided that if I couldn’t find the way to the river, that I was coming back to see Fenway.

I walked down more streets and soon realized that the residential neighborhood that I was walking through was, in fact, Boston University. Let’s just say that the sorority houses and residence halls are charming. There are these huge trees that tower above the road (I don’t know trees — could they be elms or chestnuts, or maybe oaks?). And there it was: a pedestrian bridge to cross the busy road. I ended up at the Charles River.

You know those scenes in the movies where you can see the people in long boats rowing in unison? There were two teams out on the water doing that movie scene. The lowering sun reflected on the water, joggers ran, children played, and I sat on a bench taking it in.

My next stop? Fenway, baby!

Some co-workers were trying to arrange dinner and possibly hitting a blues club, and talking to them on the phone it was decided that we’d meet at Fenway. So, I found myself heading toward the park where Ted Williams used to play.

I walked down Brookline, then Landsdowne, to stroll past the different entry gates. People were dining outside at restaurants across the street and a general hubbub existed. After more cell phone calls with the guys to figure out where everyone was at, I decided to wait at the corner of Landsdowne and Ipswich, at one of the corners of the park. And wouldn’t you know? A very nice Bostonian stopped to ask if I was lost (could it have been the map I was waving around that made him think so?). Oh my, he had that Boston accent. My grin was huge. We talked for a bit. He’d been to Arizona, but not Flagstaff, and he hated Nogales. What a nice guy.

Waiting for Dan and Chris to show up, I walked down the other side of the park. While on another phone call trying to figure out which way the guys were walking towards the park, I meandered a little farther. When I saw the guys walking down the road I also saw the statue dedicated to Ted Williams. By golly, we managed to get a picture of me with Ted!

I’m going to skip out of some conference presentations tomorrow just so I can visit Fenway again. They offer tours of the place every hour. I’m going.

I still want to see Harvard, the older parts of town, and whatever else I can fit in. So far, Boston has been a delight.


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