One of Those Days

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table, trying to get my act together. The coffee I’m downing won’t help — I buy decaf. I’m sore and tired. A raging case of shin splints keeps me from enjoying the nice weather by taking a walk with Spencer.

Those shin splints came from my wandering around Boston, so I won’t complain too loudly (just a little). They weren’t helped by my mad dash through the Phoenix airport. I mean, really, when you arrive late to an airport and look to see what gate your flight to Flagstaff leaves from, and see the word “Departed” wouldn’t you assume that it had, well, departed? Except then you hear over the loudspeaker that if you really want to get on that flight you better get to the gate right now. Damn! We had slowed down trying to figure out how to get back to Flag and were heading to Customer Service when we heard that call.  Luckily, Dan, my co-worker, could run faster than I. We made the flight but really did not appreciate how the airlines communicates.

Today is also a sad day. Someone I know from work was killed in a car crash last week. She worked in a different department, but I’d done some projects with her. I heard about her death from some of her co-workers who were at the conference with me. It’s such a shock that someone could be there one moment then gone the next. Her memorial service is this afternoon and I’ll be there.

It’s going to be one of those days.


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