Round 2 Done

I survived round 2 of the Face of Asia model contest (breathing a huge sigh of relief). This was an interview with some judges, one of whom is one of the dress designers for the fashion show. Yes, I met Nicky Ree.

I was cool and calm and collected…on the outside. Inside? I was a mass of nerves!  How can a grown woman get all uptight about talking to some folks about fashion — in an unreal environment no less? Well I did. I tried on all kinds of outfits this morning trying to decide what to wear. I decided to go semi-casual. Here’s my outfit:

Interview Outfit - taken at Venice

That shot was taken in Venice, Italy….Second Life style.

After the ten-minute interview, which went well (I think), I needed to relax. So off to the beach!

Breathing at the Beach

Yes, I’m breathing deeply trying to calm myself down. I’m not sure it’s working:

At the beach

It was neat going through the experience. It’s also fun to know that I’ve met someone whose clothes I wear in Second Life. In fact, when Nicki Ree asked what was my favorite color I mentioned the spicy colors, and then had to mention one of the colors she uses in some of her outfits. I’ve bought two outfits using the tangia color because I love the look and color of the material. Here I am in one of her swim suits and capri pants:

Me in Nicky Ree suit

Here’s the ball gown that I also own:

Nicky Ree ballgown

By the way, I don’t always stand around posing. I DO things. Anyone up for some jet skiing?

Jet Skiing in Second Life

I didn’t crash this time either!

More Jet Skiing in Second Life

So if I don’t get past round 2 of the contest, who cares (she says valiantly with a stiff upper lip)? There’s plenty of other things to do in Second Life other than modeling. Anyone up for some skydiving?


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